Monday, January 27, 2020

Entering Uncharted Territory in Washington

As the latest heat records indicate, we are, for the first time, on a planet in decline. And if that isn’t uncharted territory, what is?

On Leaders and Demagogues

Living in a democracy, it's important that we distinguish leaders from demagogues. So with the current crop of Presidential candidates: Who are the leaders and who are the demagogues?

Trump Like Sanders? Hardly. More Polar Opposites in Mindsets, Values & Proposals

Similar at heart? Parallel in the most important ways? Sanders stands for all the Trump hates. And vice versa. Trump could be the 1% poster child that drives Sanders' dramatic anti-elitist, anti-inequality, anti-climate change denial movement. A true challenger to the status quo (party and nation) and the oligarchic "establishment" that runs this country, Sanders is more polar opposite to Trump than alleged first cousin.

How the IRS gave up fighting political dark money groups

“There are new loopholes being exploited every day.”

VIDEO: Pulling a Gun on a Pool Party? Texas Cop Suspended After Manhandling Bikini-Clad...

Hundreds are protesting against a white police officer who threw a 4-year-old African-American girl to the ground and pointed his pistol at other black youths at a neighborhood pool party. It's time the police brutality ends.

When Liars Debate, the Truth Always Loses

The Republican rejection of reality — which these candidates will act out in debate after debate for months to come — inflicts grave costs on this country every day. It is hard to imagine the damage that will be done if one of these deceivers comes to power.

Former Congressman Anthony Weiner pleads guilty to sexting with minor

Agreeing to forfeit all obscene material from his electronic devices, Weiner is currently scheduled for sentencing on September 8.

America’s Iran hysteria

The irrationality of Iran vilification.

Pruitt names lawyer who defended Koch Industries as a top EPA law enforcer

Traylor represents yet another conflict of interest.

America will regret helping Saudi Arabia bomb Yemen

Selling weapons to Saudi Arabia has consequences. The intense anti-U.S. sentiment in Yemen should be a wake-up call for Americans.