Tuesday, August 11, 2020

One Man’s War

Bringing Iraq to America

America’s Iran hysteria

The irrationality of Iran vilification.

More Steps Toward WW III

“On April 25th, Obama personally asked the leaders of Germany, France, UK, and Italy, to contribute to the increased NATO troops and weapons near Russia’s Baltic borders.”

Trump’s Iran aggression deserves full-throated opposition

Trump is betraying his voters and threatening millions of lives. Call him on it before it’s too late.

Bring the troops home, but also stop the bombing

Sustained advocacy toward the Trump administration and the new Congress by peace-loving Americans will be critical if we are to fulfill this resolution.

Building a mass movement to stop mass killing

It’s time to universalize resistance.

Get the data: A list of U.S. air and drone strikes, Afghanistan 2017

US drones and jets have been bombing Afghanistan since late 2001 and the airstrikes look set to continue into the Trump administration.

“The shooters are coming!”

War on terror, war on education

World War III’s newest battlefield

Looking forward today, however, the prospect of a catastrophic World War III is again becoming all too imaginable and this time, it appears, an incident in the Arctic could prove the spark for Armageddon.

Don’t Be Fooled — Lindsey Graham and the GOP Establishment Are Just as Crazy...

That Graham looks at Trump and sees someone speaking in a completely different diction from himself, or hears the crazy in Trump’s pronouncements but not in his known, just underlines how hard it is for us to estimate our own failings.