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Corporate influence has pervaded climate negotiations over the years in an effort to protect corporate profits. And now, the climate crisis is closer to the brink.

Not only has the fossil fuel industry interfered with climate progress, these big polluters have pushed false solutions and committed numerous environmental and human rights violations.

Scientists have warned of the “irreversible damage to our plant due to climate change” and it’s time world leaders take bold action to ensure we stop extracting fossil fuels and reduce greenhouse gas emissions among other solutions.

But with the fossil fuel industry and other transnational corporations standing in the way, we must remove fossil fuel industry lobbyists from climate policy.

Take action today and sign the petition to create a “precedent-setting treaty mechanism” to get a behemoth industry out of the way. Help us save the planet!

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signed 7 months ago

Climate change is real and it will affect us all--is already affecting us. Stop big money/fossil fuel companies and complicit people!


signed 7 months ago

Theonly role that the Fossil Fuel industry has in Climate issues: It shoud be required for all the mitigation caused by climate disruption


signed 7 months ago


signed 7 months ago


Mary Jane

signed 7 months ago