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Over the last ten years the Andersoni Moose, located in Minnesota and North Dakota, has declined by 60 percent. The Center for Biological Diversity in Minnesota warns that without protections that moose population will be extinct soon.

Yet every year more people apply for hunting licenses, regardless of severe overhunting practices. Specifically this year 202 licenses have been issued specifically for hunting the Andersoni Moose.

Please help us tell the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service that we need to protect the Andersoni Moose, not continue to hunt and kill it at an alarming rate that is severely decreasing the population.

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signed 2 months ago

We must do what we can while we can to preserve diversity of life on this planet!


signed 3 months ago


signed 3 months ago

I'm tired of our national beauty being hunted & killed by ego-maniacal humans.


signed 3 months ago

I love animals and humans are giving them a hard time. It's about time we learnt to live and let live! It's that gun culture again.


signed 3 months ago