Sign the pledge to buy non-GMO and take Back Our Food System from Big Food.

Have you ever asked yourself why our food is being produced and modified by the biotech industry?

While the government isn’t doing anything about it, it’s up to consumers to take back our food system from “powerful industries with bottomless pockets.” We have been made into science projects and it’s time we take matters into our own hands. With no national mandatory labeling laws for GMO foods, both lobbyists as well as food companies are paying millions of dollars to make sure that it stays that way.

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signed 1 month ago

gmos should be abolished globally.


signed 2 months ago

The Seralini team are the everyday heroes that standup to bullying and to corporations who are only interested in their own gain.NO TO GMO’s


signed 2 months ago

I am beyond disgusted. They area. trying to kill us through food, water, medicine and air. Wake up sheeple


signed 4 months ago

gmo soy lecithin in lindt chocolate put me in the emergency room from which i was admitted to the hospital for drs to cut my inflamed bowel


signed 4 months ago