Take the pledge and show your support for the need for change in our politicians. 

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As political turmoil surrounds us in a multitude of ways and directions, there are generations, like the Millennials and Generation Z, who are ready to take a stand and become part of progressive change. 

As some Millennials reach the age of 35 years, it is time to encourage and support new minds running for political office.

There is currently the Millennial Action Project (MAP) which is a nonprofit organization seeking to “re-establish political cooperation across parties and defeat the polarization and gridlock that is holding back our government and country. Our generation has a unique opportunity to forge a new path and lead our nation into the future, which is why MAP is committed to activating our nation’s youngest generation of leaders and lawmakers.”

Run for Something has also gained traction after the 2016 elections to encourage young progressives to become more involved in politics and helps provide endorsements and confidence for first-time political candidates. 

Taking steps in learning who these new political candidates are and how they can help create positive change is something we all can do.

Many Gen Z’s have also stepped up their political activism and should be supported. After the horrific Parkland, Florida shooting, Generation Z has emerged overnight. 

Nationwide school walkouts, Capitol Hill sit-ins, CNN town hall meetings and a “listening session” the White House has all occurred by Generation Z calling out the NRA and demanding gun control be taken more seriously by current political leaders. 

It is time for us to support and cultivate younger political leaders, candidates, activists and minds, by educating yourself about them, supporting them with your vote, listening to them and joining them. All ages, together, can make positive change and can get the US government in the hands’ citizens can trust. 

Take the pledge and show your support for the need for change in our politicians. 

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We need progressives in Congress. We need to change the tone and spending practices of our government. All people need to be valued.


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Our government is not doing the job. Time for them to leave room for new progressive blood.


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