Friday, September 24, 2021

Tag: climate action

Exxon exposed: Greenpeace tricks top lobbyists into naming senators they use...

“The reality is that almost nothing has changed in the Exxon playbook.”

Oil industry ‘net-zero’ pledges are an attempt to delay climate action,...

Fossil fuel companies, experts say, “cannot be relied upon to decarbonize at the speed and scale needed” to tackle rising global emissions.

Analysis: Fossil fuel tax programs to cut emissions lead to lots...

Policies like this, including putting a price on carbon, “allow polluters to keep polluting and pay the tax.”

New poll shows overwhelming support for climate action as Congress weighs...

The recent evolution of the oil industry’s political stance on a carbon tax has raised a few eyebrows, but it represents more greenwashing, according to Holly Burke of Evergreen Action.

Immediate climate action can save U.S. $3.5 trillion over time

“In particular, it is urgent to quickly transition to electric vehicles and building components, because polluting equipment sold today will last for decades.”

2020 was a busy year for taking the climate fight to...

Given all this activity in the courts in 2020, the coming year will likely also be a busy one in terms of climate lawsuits.

TD Bank joins other major financial institutes to commit to ambition...

The Group's commitment to a global climate action plan makes them the latest major financial institution along with Morgan Stanley and Barclays.

Biden urged to be #climatepresident by taking these 10 ‘game-changing’ steps...

“Don’t let anyone tell you that Biden’s hands are tied on climate action without the Senate.”

As polls shows climate action winning issue, green campaigners mobilize for...

"Arizona, Iowa, Maine, and South Carolina could hardly be more different, but solid majorities of voters in each state support building a clean energy economy."

After calling for climate action, US Chamber of Commerce pushes pro-fossil...

“I found myself dwarfed by the impact of these corporations in terms of greenhouse gas emissions and legislative power.”


“We are unstoppable!” Some of the lessons from Occupy Wallstreet, 10 years later

“One of the main contributions of Occupy was ‘the 99 percent.’”

What to do with America’s nonconformist anti-vaxxers?

Final thought and a warning for nonconformists: understand that the greatest threat to your freedoms will not come from government mandates, but when the deadly virus comes after you.

China – Cultural revolution 2.0 and great leap backward?

Young people in China and America face similar problems. Both countries need a profound revolution but it must be real and ground up, not a populist sham from those in power.

How an ancient irrigation method makes sustainable life possible in the U.S. Southwest

Time-proven acequia irrigation systems already in use in New Mexico make it possible for people to thrive in arid regions.

The never ending cycle of nuclear insanity

Please repeat after me: No excuses. No compromise. No fear.