Wednesday, June 28, 2017
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New York is on the verge of major climate action –...

Lawmakers stalled as advocates pushed to get an ambitious climate bill through the state senate before the legislative session ended.

Climate Judases: Three ways Democrats betray humanity

The Democratic Party remains as perversely bad on climate action itself as on the non-climate issues required to foster it.

Meet the activists with a plan to make climate change matter...

When we speak in terms of people’s needs and dreams rather than inanimate carbon-things, deniers don’t stand a chance.

We can’t fight climate change if we keep lying to ourselves

The inability to see what is in front of our eyes replicates the blindness of all past civilizations that celebrated their eternal glory at moments of precipitous decline.

Climate action: U.S. cities, states, and businesses step up and vow...

The U.S. could meet 60 percent of its Paris commitment through efforts of cities, states and businesses.  

Trump’s climate-change sociopathy

Trump’s sociopathic behavior, and the corruption and viciousness of those surrounding him, has produced utter disdain for a world nearing the brink of human-made catastrophe.

Kids climate lawsuit heads to trial, judge denies Trump administration’s appeal

Juliana v. United States was brought by 21 young plaintiffs who argue that their constitutional and public trust rights are being violated by the government's creation of climate danger.

‘We are still in’: U.S. leaders reaffirm commitment to Paris Agreement

“U.S. leadership on climate change doesn't begin or end in Washington.”

EPA head continues to defend Trump’s historic mistake

By withdrawing from the Paris Agreement, Scott Pruitt and Donald Trump are turning their backs on American families, eating away at America's global leadership and standing alone on the wrong side of history.

Our responsibility after Trump’s climate withdrawal

Trump follows previous U.S. presidents who have undermined climate action: The only path to climate justice is people power.


France to ban all new development of shale oil and gas

The days of unfettered fossil fuel extraction are over.

Of Caesar, guns and trolls: The evil that men do

The GOP and right wing will use any diversion to distract us from an agenda of cruelty and madness.

Read every one of Trump’s lies since he became president

Meanwhile, Trump’s popularity continues to shrink, while the public’s mistrust in him continues to grow.

Oil is a worthless commodity and Saudi’s Crown Prince knows it

Muhammad bin Salman is in a hurry to find something else for his kingdom to do for a living.

GOP “health” bill: Death, disaster and Gilded Age greed

The Republicans want to give us less and make us think it’s more. It’s time to tell them we’ve had enough.