Friday, July 19, 2019

Tag: climate justice

‘Act now. Our lives are in your hands’: Demanding climate action,...

"We've all read the science, we know the story, the whole phase of denial is over, and if it takes civil disobedience to make a difference, then so be it."

As cost of climate crisis grows, climate movement escalates

The corporate duopoly seeks to avoid a climate crisis too big to ignore.

Philanthropists raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for groundbreaking Climate Emergency...

"In order to tackle the problem, we need to first define it accurately and force our leaders to declare a climate emergency."

High-value opportunities exist to restore tropical rainforests around the world –...

Our study helps to highlight how restoring tropical forests can provide multiple benefits for people and nature.

Because ‘another world is possible,’ tens of thousands of activists stage...

With anti-coal Ende Gelände action in one city and Fridays for Future rally in another, activists demand urgent climate action.

Mother Earth vs. capitalism, private property & rapture fundamentalists

The great insight from the last century or so: imperial powers profit more from exploiting natural resources than bashing foreign heads.

Green New Deal “climate kids” should hijack the impeachment conversation

"If Democrats are unwilling to do the right thing and assist at that suicide, today’s real grownups—you climate kids—must embarrass them into doing so."

UN chief: ‘Climate change is running faster than what we are’

The world is not on track to achieve the objectives defined in the Paris Agreement.

Ireland becomes second country to declare climate emergency

"It is justified that a level of urgency be injected into this debate."

How climate change will affect real lives — now and in...

To better understand future climate projections, let’s look at how they may play out in the life of someone born in 2000.


How a trojan horse project to rewrite our constitution could actually happen if Trump...

It’s often said that if Trump is reelected, it’ll be the end of democracy in America. But how could Trump get reelected,...

‘Astonishing’ Texas legal Win tops decades of clean-water heroism

Precedents Set: Big $$ Penalty Fueled by Key Citizen Evidence

 Sometimes, unstoppable anti-pollution champions must get their feet...

Fracking wastewater may trigger earthquakes for decades even after operations cease

"That has some very interesting and I think important consequences for how we understand the hazard posed by oilfield wastewater disposal."

Trump’s send-them-back doctrine

During the height of Stalin’s purges, the great Russian composer Dmitri Shostakovich kept a packed suitcase near the door of his apartment. 

A border patrol agent reveals what it’s really like to guard migrant children

The Border Patrol agent, a veteran with 13 years on the job, had been assigned to the agency’s detention center in McAllen,...