Monday, June 24, 2024

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Paul Ryan is Not the One to Save the GOP From...

“Fortunately, polls show Ryan losing to just about everyone in the general election. So if the GOP manages to stop Trump and install Ryan as the appointed nominee, the country could still dodge that bullet.”

The Clueless GOP Establishment is Fueling Hurricane Donnie Trump

Trying to knock-off Trump for Ryan is a sign of the GOP's irreversible decline into cluelessness and political irrelevance.

Fight the Establishment

See presidential elections as mostly a distraction, keeping most Americans from understanding that they live in a money-controlled delusional democracy.

Pablum for the Masses

“This year, 2016, we have more of the same absurd rhetoric and propaganda aimed at the masses. Make America Great Again for Benito Trump, Courageous Conservatives for Ted Cruz, Fighting For Us for Hillary Clinton, A Future to Believe In for Bernie Sanders and Kasich for America for low key John Kasich.”

Does Trump Want Out? Orchestrating His Own Demise?

A bold thesis that best makes sense of an astonishingly calamitous Trump week. The unforced Trump implosion invites provocative interpretations, even projection of a readily predictable demise. Trump never thought he'd get this far and is now showing why he should go no further. How does he reverse this week's torrent of political self-destruction, worsening his General Election leverage? Can we not imagine Trump’s PR skills going into full damage control mode, even sniffing how to make lemonade out of souring lemons.

Trump Supporters Pepper Spray 15-Year-Old Girl at Rally

Situations are only getting worse between Trump supporters and protestors.

Trump’s Violent Campaign Manager Charged With Battery

Surveillance video from the event confirms that Trump’s campaign manager abruptly grabbed the reporter’s left arm before violently yanking her backwards, nearly forcing the her to lose her balance.

How to Short-circuit Trump’s Lying Noise Machine

Ultimate bunker buster against Trumpism is to demolish his fraudulent magic show, not let him flee when his incompetence is scrutinized. Trump exemplifies the “triumph of the will” school in which he’s the special, self-appointed strongman destined to save the world by ruling it. The great vulnerability is his empty, amoral magic shell game has neither hidden bean, nor relevance to the world outside his selfish bubble. And though pathological, he's not an effective political liar.

How to Become Terror-Torn Europe – and How Not To

If Trump or Cruz ever enacts the kind of repressive policy they now advocate, then eventually we will become much more like Europe in its ethnic and religious polarization.

Entering Uncharted Territory in Washington

As the latest heat records indicate, we are, for the first time, on a planet in decline. And if that isn’t uncharted territory, what is?


Gaza’s children face extreme heat and starvation under Israeli blockade

UN reports visible signs of wasting among Gaza’s children as aid deliveries falter and temperatures soar.

Hate crime or isolated incident? Texas woman charged with attempted murder of Palestinian-American child

A shocking case in Euless, Texas, where a woman attempted to drown a 3-year-old Palestinian-American child, has sparked demands for a hate crime investigation amid rising anti-Muslim sentiments.

When the KKK murdered my childhood friend 

We must never give in to cruelty and violence. It is incumbent on all of us to stand up to bullies and be each other’s protectors.

Chemical fallout from East Palestine train disaster spreads across 16 states, study reveals

The derailment, which involved a Norfolk Southern train carrying hazardous materials, has had far-reaching impacts, with pollutants spreading over 540,000 square miles, significantly larger in scale and scope than initially predicted.

Congress demands answers from Chief Justice Roberts on Supreme Court ethics scandals

Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Jamie Raskin press Chief Justice John Roberts on ethics standards amid controversies involving Justices Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito.