Monday, March 4, 2024

Tag: inequality

The next big billionaire thing: Hunting humans?

Can we actually start taxing the rich again?

Our rich: fooling themselves and fouling our planet

Electric air taxis aren’t going to save the world. Really taxing the rich, on the other hand, could.

Richest 1% fuel climate crisis with excessive emissions, Oxfam report reveals

Fueling the crisis: how the affluent few intensify global warming.

Close the audit gap

Millionaires who skip their taxes should get audited, not the working poor. Closing that gap isn’t just fair — it’s essential to protect our democracy.

Amid discouraging new inequality stats, some Encouraging Rays of Hope

In California, a trailblazing move to a much more union-conscious tomorrow.

‘Sacrifice zones’: the new ‘Jim Crow’ that’s sickening and killing people...

A product of entrenched, historic racism, “sacrifice zones”—designed to site pollution hot spots within communities of color—are a front line in a largely silent, often deadly, and steadily growing health crisis across the United States.

Suffering in the shadows

Humanitarian calamities that aren’t on the world’s agenda.

Private yachts as long as football fields

In what universe can this energy-guzzling reality possibly make any sense?

Senate Dems want to cancel all student lunch debt—a ‘term so...

U.S. Sen. John Fetterman said the aim of the bill is to "stop humiliating kids and penalizing hunger."

The tie that truly binds grand fortune and great talent

Our world’s richest are increasingly monopolizing the smarts of our smartest.


‘Contrition fantasy’ – the impossible quest from shameless, conscienceless lowlifes 

Every judge who fails to enforce authority and ignore transparent, cynical evasions becomes an enabler of the scofflaw.

Macy’s employees stunned by mass layoffs as company rewards Wall Street

In a dramatic restructuring, Macy's announces store closures and layoffs, spotlighting the tension between shareholder gains and workforce stability in America's evolving retail landscape.

Rising child fatalities in Gaza amid starvation and medical shortages

Amidst the rubble of conflict, Gaza's youngest bear the brunt of an escalating humanitarian crisis, with malnutrition and lack of medical aid claiming innocent lives.

Trinidad and Tobago faces historic environmental crisis with massive oil spill

The spill, emanating from a ship named Gulfstream, has wreaked havoc on over 25 miles of pristine coastline, endangering the coral reefs, Atlantic beaches, and the livelihoods dependent on these natural resources.

Biden’s EPA accused of yielding to industry over gas-fired power plants

The Biden administration faces criticism for delaying crucial regulations on gas-fired power plants, raising concerns about the commitment to environmental promises.