Thursday, September 28, 2023

Tag: inequality

Why the way we measure poverty matters

A national panel is recommending changes to a key poverty measurement. It might sound technical, but the stakes are high.

The 2022 giving slump exposes the fragility of top-heavy charity

When ultra-wealthy donors dominate philanthropy, our charities are less resilient.

The end of the line for the raunchy billionaire who set...

But who set the stage for that billionaire?

When 3 men richer than 165 million people, Sanders says working...

Big-money special interests "want to divide us up," said the independent senator at a living wage rally in South Carolina, "and we are determined to bring working people together."

Could we actually end the CEO defense contractor gravy train?

FDR put the kibosh on military contractor windfalls during World War II. We could do the same.

Prayer helped me survive poverty, but I needed government help too

Our social safety net is flawed but vital. Let’s work together to protect it from political attacks.

Garbage in, garbage CEO windfalls out

‘Waste management’ won’t help us confront climate change so long as corporate self-interest rules.

Working longer ‘not a viable solution’ to US retirement crisis, economists...

Instead of forcing aging employees to delay retirement, lawmakers should ensure that workers have "access to jobs that pay fair wages and provide solid benefits during their prime working years," argues a new report.

The two decades that created our world’s first mass middle class

If we take on our rich, we can recreate that success.

‘We are not taxing the very wealthy enough’: runaway inequality about...

"Americans overwhelmingly prefer raising taxes on the ultra-wealthy and huge corporations to making cuts to critical programs like healthcare, medical research, and infrastructure," said Sen. Elizabeth Warren.


Global leaders plead for peace in Ukraine at UN

Altogether, leaders from at least 50 countries spoke up for peace in Ukraine at the 2023 UN General Assembly.

Supreme Court could trigger hundreds of billions in corporate tax cuts ‘with the stroke...

"The Roberts Court could decide with the stroke of a pen to simultaneously forgive big business decades of tax dues."

Elected Democrats are conformist enablers of Biden for 2024

Alarm bells among pro-Biden pundits have finally begun to break the political sound barrier. So why is it quiet on Capitol Hill on the Democratic front?

Climate campaigners decry ‘absolutely horrendous’ brutality against protesters at fed summit

"We have no choice but to take direct action to put our bodies on the line because petitions, sign-waving, and chanting—we tried that for the past 50 years and it hasn't worked, and we're out of time," said one arrested activist.

Missouri set to execute Marcellus Williams despite DNA evidence proving innocence—again

Unless we reform this corrupt system, racist politicians will be rewarded with higher political offices–for–”frying a black man.”