Monday, May 25, 2020

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Trump twists jobs numbers

For the Keystone XL project and the Dakota Access Pipeline, no more than 57 percent of the steel will be from the U.S.

Why Trumponomics fails

Trump seems utterly ignorant about global competition – and about what’s really holding back American workers.

Connecting dots: A sluggish economy and millions of jobs lost to...

Trade deficits are hurting us. It’s time to balance trade.

Would Donald tax a fellow Trump?

If Trump is serious about penalizing companies that offshore jobs, he should start with his daughter's.

Bring jobs back to the U.S.

This petition is closed.

Trump falsely claims he created thousands of new jobs, and news...

When Trump doesn’t tell the truth, say so in your headline.

Robert Reich | The art of the autocrat

This is the work of a despot who wants corporate America (and everyone else) to kiss his derriere.

Families have a lot to lose – and protect – long...

We can be the kind of country that believes in the dignity of each person. We can be the kind of country that puts people – all the people – above corporate profit and billionaires.

Why Trump won’t bring jobs

Every signal suggests that Trump will pursue the same plutocratic approach favored by all presidents of his party.

What the robots are doing to the middle class

We will need a guaranteed income, ideally through guaranteed jobs, with the implementation of a financial transaction tax, and with a commitment to alternative energy infrastructure development.



Noam Chomsky on Trump’s disastrous coronavirus response, WHO, China, Gaza and global capitalism

"This is the most crucial election in human history, literally. Another four years of Trump, and we’re in deep trouble."

Kangaroos are victims of the world’s largest commercial slaughter of terrestrial wildlife

Importing kangaroo meat and skins must be banned in the EU, but Americans can also help protect this iconic species.

Why rebuilding America’s manufacturing muscle is essential

Decades of industrial decline left America unprepared for the pandemic. COVID-19 simply caught America flat-footed.

As nation mourns 100,000 dead, Trump goes golfing

By CNN’s count, this was the president's 357th visit to one of his properties and his 265th trip to one of his golf clubs during his presidency.

Trump’s sleazy life: A mockery of Jesus’ core values

If we collect Jesus’ core moral humanism—and his teachings address humanity, Trump and the Trumpist “belief system” provide stunning opposition, forcible enough to slam Christians in the face.