Monday, February 26, 2024

Tag: justice

Federal workers unite in solidarity with Gaza: A stand against policy...

This initiative, organized by Feds United for Peace, is aimed at highlighting the dire humanitarian situation in Gaza and fostering dialogue around sustainable solutions.

US Supreme Court upholds free speech in Palestinian rights advocacy case

Does the high court's decision mark a significant moment for free speech and Palestinian rights advocacy in the U.S.?

What’s driving our epidemic of distrust?

Many failures, in turn, can help explain why the only major institution in American life that Americans trust less than Big Business just happens to be Congress.

Report reveals: CNN’s Gaza coverage filtered by IDF-monitored Jerusalem bureau

It reveals that CNN's coverage, especially concerning the recent Gaza conflict, is routed through its Jerusalem bureau, operating under Israeli military censorship

Not just the Supreme Court: Ethics troubles plague state high courts,...

It is against the law for federal judges to hear cases when they own stock in a party. But state supreme court justices, in North Carolina and elsewhere, are not held to the same standard.

A grim Halloween: Surge in mass shootings exposes America’s enduring gun...

The broad geographic distribution of these incidents underscores the fact that no region is immune to this ongoing crisis.

‘This is unacceptable’: As many as 20 reported dead, dozens wounded...

Between 15 and 22 people were killed and scores wounded Wednesday night in the city of Lewiston, Maine.

Missouri set to execute Marcellus Williams despite DNA evidence proving innocence—again

Unless we reform this corrupt system, racist politicians will be rewarded with higher political offices–for–”frying a black man.” 

NYPD ‘friendly fire’ killed an officer. Investigators seemed to ignore video...

New records show that investigators allowed police misstatements to stand, despite having body-camera video to disprove them.

‘Police lied’: Video belies Philly cops’ claim in fatal shooting of...

"In my view this is a crime against humanity, to be perfectly truthful."


Does America have the balls – or means – to buy out malignant swamp...

On John Oliver’s satiric bribe* to the Supreme Court’s king of corruption.

UNRWA faces collapse: Israeli actions and funding cuts threaten agency’s future

Facing unprecedented challenges, UNRWA pleads for international support as Israel's relentless attacks and defunding threats push the agency to the brink.

NRA and Wayne LaPierre found guilty in corruption case: A blow to gun rights...

A Manhattan jury delivers a seismic verdict, finding Wayne LaPierre and the NRA guilty of corruption, shaking the foundations of America's gun rights stronghold.

Whales and dolphins bear the brunt as seas turn toxic

Marine sentinel alert: new study exposes alarming toxic heavy metal levels in stranded whales and dolphins, highlighting a hidden threat to marine life and human health.

Biden administration’s strict anti-migrant policies spark outcry

"Within a badly broken immigration system, the humanitarian assistance provided by Annunciation House is one of the few things that works well. We in El Paso stand with the faith leaders and volunteers who lead this work and make us proud to call this border community our home."