Monday, January 24, 2022

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UK’s tax breaks for oil and gas ‘unlawful’ and harm climate...

The judicial review was brought against two defendants, the Oil and Gas Authority and the Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.

Big Oil’s new strategy: Profit today, fight again tomorrow

Despite countless investigations, lawsuits, social shaming, and regulations dating back decades, the oil and gas industry remains formidable.

Biden administration is ‘rubber stamping’ Oil and gas permits on public...

“Congress and the Biden administration must resist that pressure and push aggressively to move the nation—and the world—away from planet-destroying fossil fuels.”

With Shell abandoning the Cambo Project, the North Sea urgently needs...

Cambo is the first of many oilfields whose fate is to be decided in the coming years, some much larger in size.

As Americans struggle to afford rising gas prices, Big Oil profits...

U.S. oil companies are making more money than any other time in history.

Right-wing group uses ‘B.S.’ environmental justice argument in effort to keep...

“Keeping our communities apart ensures they can keep one of the riskiest pipelines open and pumping profits for themselves while we assume all the risk.”

Corporate giants promote climate action, but work with oil lobbyists in...

The overlap raises questions about the sincerity of corporate climate commitments.

Big oil to testify before Congress, new report confirms

“What we need from the fossil fuel industry is complete cooperation with our investigation, so the American people can understand the role the industry played in fueling the climate crisis.”

‘Twisting words’: UK oil industry and business department using Climate Change...

Oil & Gas UK and the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy have been taking the CCC’s advice “out of context” when discussing new North Sea projects, say campaigners.

Bankers eager to continue funding oil and gas

Comments from a recent energy industry conference reveal major financiers of fossil fuels view environmental and social investing concerns as a trend to “inoculate” against.


Want true, wrenching, life-altering ‘grievances?’ Don’t look to right-wing base complaints

What social, ethnic, class or work group doesn’t have far more cause to feel disrespected, mistreated or exploited than Trump whiners?

Legislators urge Biden to overhaul drone program

Fifty legislators recently sent a letter to President Joe Biden requesting him to overhaul U.S. counterterrorism policy to center human rights and the protection of civilians.

Biden’s dangerous refusal to reverse Trump’s Western Sahara policy

The answer could determine the fate not just of the Western Sahara, but that of the entire international legal order for many decades to come.

US staged a coup in Ukraine – here’s why and how

The truth about the coup in Ukraine is that it hasn’t benefited anyone other than the warmongers.

A very long war

From Vietnam to Afghanistan and detours along the way.