Saturday, June 22, 2024

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Vermont passed a bill making Big Oil pay. Now comes the...

Should the bill survive the legal challenges as expected, Vermont will be the first state in the nation to force Big Oil to pay for the climate disasters caused by its products.

Scalise took $40K in campaign cash from PAC of CEO accused...

House Majority Leader Steve Scalise's campaign donations from a Big Oil PAC linked to price rigging accusations spark calls for accountability and investigations.

US voters overwhelmingly support holding Big Oil accountable for climate crisis,...

New poll reveals widespread public backing for legal action against fossil fuel companies, with nearly half of voters also supporting criminal charges.

Oil companies use paid news media partnerships to protect ‘social license...

Content created by the in-house advertising studios of major media is coming under growing scrutiny.

Trump’s alleged $1 billion oil deal exposed: Media blackout raises alarms

A stunning quid pro quo promise to Big Oil executives by former President Donald Trump receives scant coverage, raising questions about media integrity and democratic accountability.

Trump’s alleged billion-dollar deal with oil magnates

Trump is reported to have offered a rollback of President Joe Biden’s environmental regulations in return for a staggering $1 billion towards his presidential re-election campaign.

Oil companies contaminated a family farm. The courts and regulators let...

The oil and gas industry has reaped profits without ensuring there will be money to plug and clean up their wells.

Biden administration announces reforms to federal oil and gas leasing system...

The Bureau of Land Management’s new Oil and Gas Rule is said to save taxpayers money, help ensure public lands are used for their highest value, and better protect communities and the environment.

Judicial scrutiny halts Wyoming drilling expansion over climate and wildlife concerns

The heart of the controversy lies in a 2022 sale that offered drilling rights across approximately 120,000 acres of federal territory in Wyoming.

US has produced more oil than any country in history for...

In December, the average U.S. crude oil production hit a monthly high of more than 13.3 million barrels per day.


Congress demands answers from Chief Justice Roberts on Supreme Court ethics scandals

Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Jamie Raskin press Chief Justice John Roberts on ethics standards amid controversies involving Justices Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito.

When the KKK murdered my childhood friend 

We must never give in to cruelty and violence. It is incumbent on all of us to stand up to bullies and be each other’s protectors.

Gaza’s children face extreme heat and starvation under Israeli blockade

UN reports visible signs of wasting among Gaza’s children as aid deliveries falter and temperatures soar.

Chemical fallout from East Palestine train disaster spreads across 16 states, study reveals

The derailment, which involved a Norfolk Southern train carrying hazardous materials, has had far-reaching impacts, with pollutants spreading over 540,000 square miles, significantly larger in scale and scope than initially predicted.

Global consensus: Majority support quick fossil fuel phaseout, even in top producing nations

A new UNDP poll reveals overwhelming global support for a rapid transition to clean energy and stronger climate action, including in major fossil fuel-producing countries.