Monday, November 29, 2021

Tag: Scott Pruitt

Pruitt emails reveal communications with ALEC and Koch groups

After Pruitt became attorney general, he stayed engaged with ALEC on energy and environmental issues.

Pruitt flings open EPA doors to anti-science conservative ideologues

Pruitt refused to recuse himself from eight ongoing lawsuits against the EPA that he helped file as Oklahoma’s top prosecutor.

The chicken and the egg

President Donnie Trump has named some doozies to his cabinet and one that stands out as threats to humane and healthy food is Scott Pruitt.

EPA administrator lied about private email usage for official business

Lying to the Senate under oath is perjury.

Why the people who grow your food are worried about Scott...

Pruitt’s approach to the EPA is likely to threaten farmworkers, who are highly exposed to the effects of climate change, including heat stress and increased pesticide use.

Thousands of emails from Oklahoma office of Trump EPA administrator Scott...

The emails shed new light on the relationship between Pruitt and the sphere of advocacy outfits and legal groups funded by Koch Industries' billionaires Charles and David Koch.

3 reasons Trump’s EPA pick can’t be trusted with climate science

This is why the man chosen to lead this agency needs to manage science responsibly so it can do its job.

Trump’s EPA pick slapped with lawsuit as hundreds demand the Senate...

Pruitt has a history of suing the EPA, is a strong supporter of federalism and has made no move to address pollution or environmental justice for his home state.

Democrats boycott committee vote on Trump’s EPA pick

“Pruitt is wholly unfit and unqualified to lead the EPA.”


Sociology can help the climate crisis

Climate change is caused by people acting in groups, after all, and sociology is the study of people acting in groups.

Democrats, WAKE UP to the threat of the enemy within

Our democracy’s very existence hangs in the balance.

Ethiopia conflict by US design

The U.S. and her puppets (UK, EU etc) have, to the incredulity of many, stood behind the terrorists and not the government of Ethiopia, or the Ethiopian people.

Normalizing vigilantism? The American right’s reaction to the Rittenhouse verdict

“This might be interpreted across the far right as a type of permission slip to do this kind of thing or to seek out altercations in this way.”

What’s that ‘surtax’ doing in Build Back Better?

The new Build Back Better surtax might just turn out to be a giant first tax step toward the more equal America that we all so desperately need.