Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Tag: Steve Bannon

Trump’s refugee ban is even crueler than you think

The so-called “Muslim ban” has been compared to U.S. treatment of Jewish refugees during the Holocaust. It's actually even more draconian.

Steven Bannon’s real vision isn’t America first. It’s America alone.

What does it mean for international relations when the most powerful country in the world becomes a pariah state?

(Neo)Conned? The Trump administration’s dangerous mix of old and new

The current President seems ready to repeat the worst mistakes of the past while at the same time steering the United States in dangerous new directions.

Robert Reich | A Yinnopoulos, Bannon, Trump plot to control American...

There may be something worrying going on here.

A marriage made in hell: Trump, Bannon and “the Muslim ban”

Trump and his inner circle seem intent on using the cudgel of the executive to diminish the clout of the judiciary and the Congress.

Trump and Bannon’s “America first”

This is truly scary.

‘Unprecedented’: Trump adds Bannon to National Security Council, kicks out intelligence...

“To reiterate, the Joint Chiefs of Staff have been removed from the National Security Council and replaced with a white nationalist. Worry.”

The hostile transition of power

It is impossible to govern the country in this style, as we see already in Trump’s failure to fill so many vital positions that he was forced to ask Obama appointees to remain in place.

Major outlets downplay the fact that Trump’s new chief strategist ran...

By ignoring or downplaying Bannon’s extremist history, major newspapers are not giving their readers the essential background information they deserve on a man who is soon to be one of the most influential people in politics.


Australia becomes first country to approve psychedelics as form of medicine

Australia is reclassifying them as “controlled substances” and making them available for use in managed medical settings.

Congress has been captured by the arms industry

And what a price to pay!

How Indigenous land management practices are a blueprint for climate-resilient agriculture

As a rapidly warming world strains at the shortcomings in industrial farming, key lessons can be taken from Indigenous practices.

We don’t have to choose between nuclear madmen

We can make a difference -- maybe even the difference -- to avert global nuclear annihilation.

What connects Trump’s likely arrest with the bank bailouts?

Let's start with multi-billionaire Peter Thiel, and follow the money.