Monday, May 27, 2024

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Hillary’s Exploitation of Democratic Institutions (Including Superdelegates) Exposed

It is a world best achieved through a functioning democracy. And it is a world that will be aided by Bernie’s nomination.

Bernie Sanders Acquires More Superdelegates

As much as Clinton wants to declare the primary race as over, many are waiting patiently for the convention and the real outcome.

The Case for Superdelegates Selecting Sanders

It’s time to bring the newly energized electorate to the polls and to see the powerful vision of superdelegates come to fruition.

The Alaska Democratic Convention Just Rejected Superdelegates

Alaska has followed in the footsteps on Maine and has abolished the superdelegate system.

First Democratic Convention Abolishes Superdelegates

The Maine Democratic Party just eliminated the superdelegate.

Maine Democrats Move to Eliminate Superdelegates

If the amendment passes it will not officially take affect until 2020, but will allow for Maine to strongly suggest that this year’s super delegates vote in accordance with the caucus results.

Why Superdelegates Who Will Choose the Nominee Should Vote Bernie

The fate of our country lies with those who have not yet voted, with those who remain politically active, and with the superdelegates.

Bernie Sanders is Actual Winner in Nevada Caucus

The Clark County Democratic Convention, which was the next step after February’s presidential caucus in determining Nevada's 43 delegates, shows Bernie Sanders in the lead.

A Bird, A Plane? No, It’s Superdelegates!

The Democratic Party's special class of entitled and unelected VIP delegates helps explain what's wrong with the way we choose our presidential candidates.


Low-life Supremes openly break supreme perfidy records

Without term limits and strong ethics log,/ Our fate mimics that water-boiled frog.

Sanders and Omar push to end $17 billion in fossil fuel subsidies with new...

Senator Bernie Sanders and Representative Ilhan Omar reintroduce legislation to eliminate federal subsidies for fossil fuel companies, aiming to save taxpayers $170 billion over the next decade.

Smotrich proposes financial sanctions and settlement expansion in response to Palestinian state recognition

The far-right minister outlined six immediate steps to target the Palestinian Authority (PA) following the recognition by Spain, Norway, and Ireland.

Israel escalates Rafah bombing despite ICJ order to halt assault, ignoring international condemnation

Reports from Gaza reveal that Israel intensified its bombing of Rafah just minutes after the International Court of Justice ordered a halt to the military operations, prompting widespread international condemnation.

How workers are revolutionizing the South

Local 1025 members shared firsthand accounts of how the union boosted their wages, gave them a voice, and kept them safe on the job.