Monday, October 25, 2021

Tag: Trump administration

Here’s how NBC News is catering to Trump’s presidency

As Trump feuds with CNN, NBC is elevating voices that are accommodating Trump.

What happens when all we have left is the Pentagon?

Trump’s vision of a militarized America.

The Left needs to be a movement, not a bunch of...

We need to focus on big demands and big issues that benefit all but the ruling elites and that will fundamentally change the way the country operates.

Democrats boycott committee vote on Trump’s EPA pick

“Pruitt is wholly unfit and unqualified to lead the EPA.”

Donald Trump’s mission creep just took a giant leap forward

In just a few days, the new president has upended the rules of democracy with a clumsy, heavy-handedness worse than we imagined.

Less than an hour after the inauguration Trump removed climate change...

The new administration has removed all mention of key issues and replaced them with hazy plans on energy, foreign policy, law enforcement, military, jobs, and trade deals.

Did senators rush through Rick Perry’s energy dept hearing to attend...

It looks like Perry has the votes necessary to become the next Secretary of Energy.

Don’t judge Sessions by his cover

He wrote the book on discrimination.

30 years later, the Senate should reject Jeff Sessions again

The Senate Judiciary Committee should be consistent and reject Sessions as attorney general, as it rejected him for a judgeship 30 years ago.

A fox in every chicken coop

Trump's cabinet prepares for the feast.



Minneapolis cop charged after killing innocent man with patrol car

The Hennepin County Attorney’s Office announced that Officer Brian Cummings has been charged with felony counts of second degree manslaughter and criminal vehicular homicide.

Fossil fuel plant run by William Koch at heart of EPA investigation into racism...

“My hope is that they will thoroughly investigate their emissions and their impact on the community and draw what we believe to be an inescapable conclusion that Oxbow is an eminent danger to the life and health of people in Port Arthur and southeast Texas.”

Don’t believe corporate America’s ‘labor shortage’ bullshit. This is an unofficial general strike.

What’s really happening is more accurately described as a living-wage shortage, a hazard pay shortage, a childcare shortage, a paid sick leave shortage, and a health care shortage.

Louisiana deputy who slammed a Black woman on the pavement was named in multiple...

Julio Alvarado has been named in nine federal civil rights lawsuits, all involving the use of excessive force.

The persecution of Steven Donziger

“Why am I the one being locked up? I helped hold [Chevron] accountable.”