Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Tag: Ukraine

No more war in Europe

We believe that a joint international civic movement with an anti-war and pro-human rights stance is a necessity and commit ourselves to pursue its formation throughout Europe.

The illegality of NATO

Do the people of Europe really want to participate in the madness of aggression against Russia? Of course not!

Memo to Congress: Diplomacy for Ukraine is spelled M-I-N-S-K

If the U.S. government wants to play a constructive role in Ukraine, it should genuinely support this already existing framework for a solution to the crisis, and end the heavy-handed U.S. intervention that has only undermined and delayed its implementation.

Bernie Sanders says US war with Russia over Ukraine must be...

"Wars rarely turn out the way the experts tell us they will. Just ask the officials who provided rosy scenarios for the wars in Vietnam, Afghanistan, and Iraq."

No war with Russia: Activists take to the streets across US

CODEPINK is calling for "serious negotiations, not military escalation, which could easily spiral out of control to the point of pushing the world to the precipice of nuclear war" as tensions at the Russia-Ukraine border exacerbate.

Helsinki 2.0

The European security order has broken down. The conflict around Ukraine is a symptom of this larger problem.

US to Russia: Do as we say, not as we do

Aiding and abetting a potentially catastrophic—and I do mean catastrophic—confrontation between the world’s two nuclear superpowers are lawmakers on Capitol Hill.

America is reaping what it sowed in Ukraine

Will the prospect of such a 21st Century Cuban Missile Crisis be enough to bring America’s irresponsible leaders to their senses and back to the negotiating table, to start unwinding the suicidal mess they have blundered into?

What you should really know about Ukraine

Perhaps if the public were better informed, there would be more domestic pressure on Biden to end the brinkmanship and seek a genuine solution to the problem.

Biden considering deploying thousands of troops to Eastern Europe

"Ukraine demands a diplomatic and political resolution."


Australia becomes first country to approve psychedelics as form of medicine

Australia is reclassifying them as “controlled substances” and making them available for use in managed medical settings.

Congress has been captured by the arms industry

And what a price to pay!

How Indigenous land management practices are a blueprint for climate-resilient agriculture

As a rapidly warming world strains at the shortcomings in industrial farming, key lessons can be taken from Indigenous practices.

We don’t have to choose between nuclear madmen

We can make a difference -- maybe even the difference -- to avert global nuclear annihilation.

What connects Trump’s likely arrest with the bank bailouts?

Let's start with multi-billionaire Peter Thiel, and follow the money.