Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Tag: war crimes

Americans want a ceasefire. It’s our politicians who are out of...

Our elected officials must listen to the majority of American people who are demanding peace so that Palestinians can live freely, instead of dreaming about it.

Strikes Gaza as six newborns succumb to fuel shortage at Al-Shifa...

Does this situation shines a spotlight on the urgent need for humanitarian intervention and an end to the ongoing crisis in the region?

Israeli war crimes and propaganda follow US blueprint

Israel's war crimes in Gaza and the propaganda by which it justifies them are based on the weak—and incorrect—interpretations of the Geneva Conventions that the U.S. has relied on throughout its recent wars.

“Gaza is becoming a graveyard for children” and still the US...

Global outcry: thousands worldwide protest Israel's actions in Gaza amidst allegations of war crimes and systematic genocide.

Under siege: Gaza’s medical heroes plead for ceasefire as hospitals crumble...

Doctors and nurses in Gaza's ravaged hospitals call for urgent ceasefire amidst unprecedented destruction.

Examining Israel’s alleged human rights violations amidst global calls for ceasefire

Israel's escalating conflict: unveiling alleged human rights violations and the global cry for a ceasefire.

Biden is a genocide denier and the ‘enabler in chief’ for...

President Biden has played a key role in backing Israel’s war crimes while touting himself as a compassionate advocate of restraint.

Gaza: it’s not a war it’s genocide

The cost of inaction: a deep dive into the humanitarian crisis in Gaza and the global response.

Backers of endless war deplore that many Trump supporters favor using...

Are some of Trump’s true believers are eager to adapt the violent precepts of perpetual war to American politics?


Hate speech arrest of ex-US official sparks wider conversation on Islamophobia and anti-Arab sentiment

A clash of prejudice and justice: exposing the underbelly of racial and religious intolerance in America.

Our rich: fooling themselves and fouling our planet

Electric air taxis aren’t going to save the world. Really taxing the rich, on the other hand, could.

COP28 president caught in oil lobbying scandal: Secretly pushes fossil fuel agenda amidst climate...

This conflict of interest, uncovered through an investigation by the Center for Climate Reporting (CCR), raises serious questions about the integrity of the UN climate summit leadership.

Surging hunger in the US signals alarming trend as food aid cuts take toll

As vital food aid programs expire, millions of Americans face rising hunger challenges, reveals Hunger Free America's 2023 National Hunger Survey Report.

Backing Biden for 2024, conformist Democrats have been in denial. Now they’re in a...

“The truth remains that a president is not his party’s king and has no automatic right to renomination.”