Monday, February 26, 2024

Tag: wealth inequality

The next big billionaire thing: Hunting humans?

Can we actually start taxing the rich again?

Economic inequality exposed: The Roosevelt reports unmask the fallacy of corporate...

"Reforming corporate tax policies is crucial for building a more equitable economy."

Make America mad again. Mad about the trillions of dollars taken...

Decades of wealth transfer in America: How trillions moved from the many to the few

Billionaires urge world leaders for higher wealth taxes at Davos Summit

Millionaires and billionaires, often seen as beneficiaries of global economic policies, are advocating for higher taxes on their wealth.

$8.5 trillion untaxed: The urgent call for a billionaire income tax

Recent analysis reveals that America's wealthiest hold $8.5 trillion in untaxed assets, spotlighting the critical need for tax reform to address growing wealth inequality.

In our deeply unequal world, the garbage rises ever higher

On Everest and elsewhere,the rich are creating waste.

Republicans look to give themselves a pay raise after securing benefit...

"House Republicans are moving to give themselves a raise while taking an ax to education, health, and other essential programs that help grow the economy by growing the middle class."

Tenants push Biden for rent control on all government-backed housing

‘They got richer, and we got priced out!’

How the super rich are killing Social Security

It’s going to run out of money before you can ever receive it if the rich don’t start paying their fair share.

World’s 500 richest people added $852 billion to their wealth in...

"They can afford to pay their fair share in taxes."


Does America have the balls – or means – to buy out malignant swamp...

On John Oliver’s satiric bribe* to the Supreme Court’s king of corruption.

UNRWA faces collapse: Israeli actions and funding cuts threaten agency’s future

Facing unprecedented challenges, UNRWA pleads for international support as Israel's relentless attacks and defunding threats push the agency to the brink.

NRA and Wayne LaPierre found guilty in corruption case: A blow to gun rights...

A Manhattan jury delivers a seismic verdict, finding Wayne LaPierre and the NRA guilty of corruption, shaking the foundations of America's gun rights stronghold.

Whales and dolphins bear the brunt as seas turn toxic

Marine sentinel alert: new study exposes alarming toxic heavy metal levels in stranded whales and dolphins, highlighting a hidden threat to marine life and human health.

Biden administration’s strict anti-migrant policies spark outcry

"Within a badly broken immigration system, the humanitarian assistance provided by Annunciation House is one of the few things that works well. We in El Paso stand with the faith leaders and volunteers who lead this work and make us proud to call this border community our home."