Troubled by Trends in America?


Are you perturbed by what’s happening in America? Are you shocked by inequality, disappearing middle class, declining quality of health, police brutality, gun violence, ever-growing national debt, government’s Orwellian monitoring etc? You are not alone, but all these are confusing only if you think in terms of an “American government” or “American corporations” or “American banks” that have, or should have, unique loyalty or consideration towards the people who happen to live here.

Instead, everything becomes obvious if you think of it as a “System.”

Why would we be surprised that there are millions of Americans who work full time and yet live in poverty, when the System exploits people in other countries for a much, much lower wage? In the cost-savings Excel sheet of the System, a Walmart worker is still 50x more expensive than the worker from that ‘other’ country.

You wouldn’t be surprised by Bank of America and JP Morgan Chase defrauding American homeowners if you realize how the System brought down whole countries such as Greece, Spain, Italy, Ireland and Portugal using the same financial engineering schemes, lies and manipulations. Most of these countries are now being devastated by the austerity programs demanded by the same System.

How can we be shocked by gun violence in America when the System is the #1 exporter of guns and weapons in the world? The System thrives on violence.

If police brutality and militarization of police is disturbing, we have to realize how the System supports, and has supported, dictators all over the world when it is/was profitable to do so. Many ruthless dictators in Latin American countries, Africa, Middle East and Asia were handpicked and put in power by the System. Some were even trained in a special school in the U.S. All that valuable experience can’t be wasted.

When it comes to child poverty, you can’t be surprised that America ranks at the bottom among developed nations. From Apple to Calvin Klein to Hershey’s, many corporations depend on child labor for their stocks to outperform the expectations of Wall Street analysts. When the System profits from five-year-olds working in toxic mines in third-world countries, American kids on food stamps look quite spoiled.

If you are enraged by our exploding national debt, don’t be. Debt is the ultimate tool for the System to enslave nations. The economic hit men of World Bank and the IMF have mastered this art of drowning nations in debt over the last 75 years. Right now, Ukraine is a great example of the System’s splendid work in progress. Oh, do you think it’s a coincidence that Russia’s debt-to-GDP ratio is about 12%? Compare that to America’s 105% or Japan’s 230%. The System does not like countries with low debt, just like it doesn’t appreciate people trying to go off-grid in America.

Do you wonder why fracking and GMOs are allowed to destroy America’s environment? The System couldn’t care less about the environment. It has destroyed unimaginable amount of rainforests all over the world and doesn’t care about the thousands of species that are going extinct every year. The System hates sustainability and freedom. Just like how the older version of the System destroyed the Native American culture, the current System despises religions, spirituality, consciousness, holistic medicine and those who are connected to Mother Nature.

By now, hopefully, you are not stressed out over how lobbyists have taken over the American government and how we really don’t have a functional democracy. The System is not a fan of democracy. You really don’t think that powerful billionaires would enjoy running their lives and planning their grand visions based on the needs and feelings of millions of pesky little people, do you? Democracy is just a nice illusion so that we feel content, go to work, watch lots of TV, get into debt and spend our money on things we don’t need.

Let me conclude this joyful column with the wise words of Gloria Steinem:The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off.


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Chris Kanthan is the author of six books, including the latest: “China, China, Chyyna: Greatest disruption to American century.” Chris lives in the San Francisco Bay Area, has traveled to 40 countries, and writes about world affairs, politics, economy and health.