Bernie Sanders on Trump: He’s a ‘Pathological Liar’


Bernie Sanders switched gears a little this week and focused his attacks on Donald Trump. During the Democratic debate on Saturday, Sanders said:

“Somebody like Trump comes along and says, ‘I know the answers. The answer is that all of the Mexicans, they’re criminals and rapists. We hate all the Muslims, because all of the Muslims are terrorists.”

Trump called Sanders a liar the next day, on ABC’s “This Week With George Stephanopoulos”:

“I mean he, he went out and said things that never took place. I didn’t say that about Mexicans. I have great relationships with the Hispanics. And I didn’t say what he said. You know, they make up things in the world of politics. They’re all talk and no action. They’re politicians.”

Sanders also appeared on the show, after Trump. The democratic candidate had a few more things to say about Trump, including that the republican candidate was a “pathological liar” and that Trump plays “on the fears and anxieties of the American people.” He specifically mentioned Trump’s comments on seeing people in New Jersey on television celebrating 9/11, which has never actually been proven.

Senator Sanders believes that Trump’s comments prevent “rational discussion” about issues that are important,s such as the middle class, Wall Street, and the 1%.

You can watch more of the interview below:


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