Wall Street CEO Calls Bernie Sanders ‘Dangerous’


Lloyd Blankfein, chairman and CEO of Goldman Sachs, stated this week that Bernie Sanders’ successful rise “has the potential to be a dangerous moment.”

Blankfein was speaking with CNBC’s “Squawk Box.” In the interview he said:

“It has the potential to personalize it, it has the potential to be a dangerous moment. Not just for Wall Street not just for the people who are particularly targeted but for anybody who is a little bit out of line.”

“It’s a liability to say I’m going to compromise I’m going to get one millimeter off the extreme position I have and if you do you have to back track and swear to people that you’ll never compromise. It’s just incredible. It’s a moment in history.”

The CEO was listed in Bernie Sanders list of examples of corporate greed in January and was also named in Sanders’ list of job destroyers and tax dodgers last year. Blankfein says he doesn’t take it personally. He has not officially endorsed any candidates despite Goldman Sachs’ ties to the Clintons, which Bernie Sanders pointed out in the January Democratic debate.

Although Bernie Sanders hasn’t responded yet to Blankfein’s remarks, Senator Elizabeth Warren, a Wall Street Watchdog in the Senate, was quick to come to Sanders’ defense:

“He thinks it’s fine to prosecute small business owners, it’s fine to go hard after individuals who have no real resources, but don’t criticize companies like Goldman Sachs and their very, very important CEO — that’s what he’s really saying,”

“When Blankfein says that criticizing those who break the rules is dangerous to the economy, then he’s just repeating another variation of ‘too big to fail,’ ‘too big to jail,’ ‘too big even to prosecute.”


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