Check Out the Sunglasses Made From 100% Recycled Fishing Nets


Bureo, a Los Angeles based company, is fighting ocean pollution by coming out with the first sunglasses made from 100% recycled fishing nets.

The fishnet collection and recycling program, Net Positive, collects the nets and works with both Bureo and Chilean eyewear company Karun provides the manufacturing. Net Positive, an initiative of Bureo, is also responsible for Buero’s line of sustainable skateboards. The team “provides fisherman with environmentally sound disposal points, while Bureo receives highly recyclable and durable raw materials”, according to Bureo’s website.

According to the team’s kickstarter campaign page from last year:

“Seeking an innovative solution to prevent one of the most harmful forms of ocean plastic, the Ocean Collection upcycles discarded fishing nets into premium eyewear. Featuring frames made from 100% recycled fishing nets, premium Carl Zeiss polarized lenses, and unique designs inspired by the ocean environment. Combining modern innovation with classic style, the Ocean Collection enters new waters for the eyewear industry.

For every pair of glasses purchased, Bureo will be able to further expand their community-based fishnet collection and recycling program, ‘Net+Positiva’, while generating funds for programs that empower coastal communities most affected by plastic pollution.”

Check out the video Bureo made to talk more about plastic pollution in the ocean:

Not only is the company reclining plastic pollution from the ocean, but their manufacturing process uses no chemicals and generates 70 percent fewer greenhouse-gas emissions:

“This greatly differs from a ‘chemical recycling process’ which not only creates a waste byproduct but also requires heavy chemicals and water to break down the nets and return them to a form of nylon which can be made into thread for soft goods like clothing, swimwear and shoes.”

In 2015, Net Positiva collected 110,000 pounds of fishing nets from oceans across the world.


The sunglasses will cost $139 each.


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