Some Corporations are Wealthier and More Powerful than Some Countries


The economic and social justice advocacy group, Global Justice Now, just discovered exactly how wealthy and powerful some large corporations really are. The group put together a spreadsheet showing the top ten largest corporations are wealthier than most countries in the world put together.

“Today, of the 100 wealthiest economic entities in the world, 69 are now corporations and only 31 countries. This is up from 63 to 37 a year ago, says Global Justice Now campaigns and policy officer Aisha Dodwell.  At this rate, within a generation we will be living in a world entirely dominated by giant corporations.The problem of unrestrained corporate power is massive, and it requires a massive solution.”

These top ten corporations, which include Shell, Apple, and Walmart, have a combined value of $2.9 trillion. These corporations have a lot of monetary influence and power which worries activists.

“By many measures, corporations are more central players in global affairs than nations,” writes Benjamin Barber in Jihad vs McWorld.

According to Dodwell, “we need to continue to develop alternative ways to produce and distribute the goods and services we need. We need to undermine the notion that only massive corporations can make the economy and society ‘work’.”



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