Orca Theatrical Shows and Breeding Banned in California


Governor Jerry Brown has just signed the Orca Protection and Safety Act into law in California this week, banning the breeding of orcas and using them for entertainment purposes. This law will go into effect starting 2017. It will allow the killer whales already in captivity to remain, but only for “educational presentations.”

“Most of SeaWorld’s orcas were born in a zoological setting and the environmental threats in our oceans, like oil spills and pollution are huge dangers for these animals,” SeaWorld said. “The best, and safest, future for these whales is to let them live out their lives at SeaWorld, receiving top care, in state-of-the-art habitats.”

Ever since the documentary Blackfish was released back in 2013, the demand for orca rights has increased, while the attendance and support for places like SeaWorld have plummeted.

Hopefully, after California’s decision, other states and countries will follow suit.


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