Syria, Ready to Explode; yet the U.S. Media Remains Fixated on Trump’s Sexual Conquests

Maybe, just maybe, when this long, drawn out, reality show version of a presidential election finally comes to a welcome end, it may be possible that this media will turn its attention to critically important world affairs, especially the conflict in Syria; and the American people will no longer remain in the dark.


There is something terribly wrong when the U.S government is deeply involved in a highly volatile situation in Syria that could, at any time, erupt into a shooting war with Russia; and, at the same time, a large portion of the American people have little to no understanding of what is really taking place in that country.

Most Americans are ill-informed about how very serious and troubling this situation has become because the media keeps them in the dark and, instead of educating them about what is actually happening there, it concentrates almost entirely on this election from hell. It is, as could not be more evident, engaging in round the clock reporting of Trump’s sexual adventures. That’s what’s called gutter-style journalism.

This large majority of Americans who remain uninformed about this tragic situation in Syria, a nation and people currently under siege by various nations, are naturally going to support the actions of their government and the military; this is to be expected when they feel this is the patriotic thing to do.

Following are some facts about the intense bombing and fighting on the ground in Syria and what these two very powerful countries, the U.S., Russia and their respective allied nations, are doing. It is very complex, to say the least. If anyone doubts that most Americans are not aware and are confused by conditions in that country all they need do is ask some of their friends or co-workers what they know about Syria and then see what they say.

When we do hear even a smidgeon of information emanating from this media it is generally limited to the contention that Russia and Putin are the bad guys, that they have no justification for being in Syria; that they are fueling the fires of this conflict and are obstructing the efforts of the U.S. military which is trying to rid the country of the ISIS terrorists.

Well, here are the real facts, which this media tries to suppress; Russia entered Syria at the invitation of the Assad government in the fall of 2015. Russia is a close ally of Syria and has both an air base and a naval base in that country. So if anyone thinks that Russia is going anywhere in the near future they better think again.

 On the other hand, based on the reports coming out of that region of the world, the U.S. military entered that country on its own accord, supposedly to fight and defeat ISIS and its associated terrorist groups, primarily Daesh and Al Nusra. It’s no longer any great secret that the chief objective of President Obama and the military has been and continues to be the removal of Syria’s president Assad from power and the installation of a new government. 

Well, when the U.S. government decides it has a need to remove the heard of state of another country, that’s not exactly something new, is it? 

Here’s a  good question: How often have we heard Wolf Blitzer or Anderson Cooper on CNN, Chris Matthews or Rachel Maddow on MSNBC, or Shawn Hannity and Bill O’Reilly on Fox News, warning the American people about this highly volatile potential Russia/U.S. military confrontation? Perhaps I haven’t been paying enough attention but I can’t recall even one time that I’ve heard them say anything of the sort. But the one thing we do see is Trump continually being at the center of attention.  

Ever hear a discussion about how tensions are growing between Turkey and the U.S.? Turkey is supposedly a close ally of the U.S. and a member of NATO but recently it has moved closer and closer to aligning itself with Russia. Nope, haven’t heard that either but these shallow-thinking news organizations have plenty of time to report on how Trump is attempting to dismiss his own sexual dalliances by showing that former President Clinton’s are far worse.

The learned CNN hosts don’t talk about the crisis in Syria because they are busy playing and replaying the video and audio of that conversation on the bus between Trump and Billy Bush in which The Donald brags about how he can, anytime he wishes, grab some part of a woman’s body.

Why is it that this media is not informing the American people about how its government recently announced that it is considering conducting direct attacks on the Assad government and the Syrian military; and that, thereafter, a Russian spokeswoman made it clear that if the U.S. followed through on that threat that it could result in total war and ignite the Middle East?

This counter threat by Russia should not be taken lightly because Russia has deployed very powerful, highly sophisticated S-300 and S-400 air defense missile systems in Syria; and it has said that “if U.S. warplanes attacked either Russian installations or Syrian troops they would be shot down immediately.”

 Mr. Obama’s highly questionable strategy in Syria resembles Bush’s senseless, misguided one in which he decided to remove Iraq’s Saddam Hussein from power. It’s kind of a “Deja vu all over again”, pretty much using the same playbook as Bush but this time the target is Assad. Assad, in the eyes of many, is a tyrant but that doesn’t give Mr. Obama the right to remove him.

However, he has been targeted for removal because he is an impediment in the continued quest by the U.S. and other Western nations to control Middle East resources, namely oil and natural gas. And since he won’t play ball with those who are hell bent to maintain this control he has to go. 

Russia is never, ever going to leave that country as long as conditions remain the same. It and its allies fighting on the ground, Iran and Hezbollah and the Syrian Army, are not going to allow Assad to be removed. So if President Obama and the military could see and digest the handwriting on the wall they would know that what they are trying to do is an exercise in futility.

There is a solution that would finally serve to bring an end to this massive, ongoing bloodbath that has devastated this county and its people. It would call for the U.S. and Russia to take positive, mutual steps to end their confrontation and work together to coordinate their military actions against the various terrorist groups in order to expel them from Syria.

Would this work? There is no doubt but that it would if the two parties to the negotiations could find a way to reach common ground. After their combined mission to eradicate the terrorists, Russia would have to exit the country; and the U.S. would need to do the same and forget about deposing Assad. 

Now for those strong critics of Russia who fear its power and intentions there is no question that it and its actions must be closely monitored to make certain that it does not in any way directly threaten America; and that can be accomplished.

Based on the facts and evidence documented by independent geopolitical observers Russia is not really the great threat and menace that some of these war mongers portray it to be. It lost over 17 million of its people in World War II in the effort to defeat Hitler and, therefore, it is understandable that it may be very wary and fear any country, especially one as powerful and militarily aggressive as the U.S. 

The U.S. government cannot continue to follow its aggressive military strategy in the Middle East; that has not worked and never will.  One would think that by reviewing the failures of U.S. military policy in the Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan wars that the leaders in D.C. would have learned some kind of lesson by now; that when your objective and mission is faulted and cannot be justified then you must change course and turn in a different direction. 

This media has, for some time, been conditioning the American people to accept and condone this government’s agenda of continuous wars; to blindly support them as something that needs to be done; wars that were said to be entirely justifiable when they most certainly were not.

Well, maybe, just maybe, when this long, drawn out, reality show version of a presidential election finally comes to a welcome end, it may be possible that this media will turn its attention to critically important world affairs, especially the conflict in Syria; and the American people will no longer remain in the dark.

But, then again, let’s not hold our breath until it does.


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Michael Payne is an independent progressive activist. His writings deal with social, economic, political and foreign policy issues; and especially with the great dangers involved with the proliferation of perpetual war, the associated defense industry, and the massive control that Corporate America holds over this government and our election process; all which are leading this nation down the road to eventual financial ruin if the conditions are not reversed. He is a graduate of Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois and a U.S. Army veteran.