Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Must watch: Bernie Sanders and Bill Nye discuss climate change

“Instead of accepting that the climate is changing, deniers are denying the evidence and dismissing the authorities.”

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Senator Bernie Sanders and science educator Bill Nye appeared on Facebook Live on Monday to discuss climate change.

Sanders started out, stating: “We have a president of the United States who thinks that climate change is a ‘hoax’ emanating from China. We have a new administrator of the EPA  somebody who I strongly opposed – who is in the process of dismembering environmental protection regulations in this country. What are the short and long term implications of a president who has that view?”

Nye responded that long term the implications are “potentially catastrophic.”

The two went on to discuss the short-term effects of climate change, which include billions of dollars being spent to clean up the after effects of extreme weather events, such as Hurricane Sandy.

Sanders and Nye also discussed climate change deniers, the fossil fuel industry and their influence in politics, and President Trump’s aversion to regulatory agencies. “Regulations are like a machine,” Nye said. “You don’t just take parts away from the machine just because.”

Nye also stated that under the Trump administration scientists are “very concerned about their data being reviewed or erased. They are also concerned about their jobs.”

You can watch the entire half-hour conversation above.

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