Yesterday’s People’s Climate March was a huge success

The People’s Climate March creates awareness of the importance of acknowledging climate change and criticizes the Trump administration for their efforts to ignore it.


On Donald Trump’s 100th day in office, thousands of demonstrators in hundreds of cities marched to advocate global action against climate change, despite high temperatures, rain, and snow.

Since Trump took office he has rolled back many of Obama’s environmental measures, creating fear amongst many that government will abandon its efforts to combat climate change. Trump has rolled back restrictions on mining, oil drilling, and greenhouse gas emissions at power plants, and is attempting to open certain public lands and waters for drilling, mining, and logging. The Trump administration is also considering withdrawing from the Paris Agreement and cutting funds directed toward the EPA.

Last week the EPA removed their climate change page from their website.

The first People’s Climate March, which took place in New York City in 2014, had predated the Paris Agreement and a majority of President Obama’s environmental actions in office.

Now two and a half years later, this movement has grown considerably.

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