The essence of evil; Republicans’ treachery against their fellow Americans

What Republicans are doing should be considered as an act of treachery.


What kind of evil-minded individuals would even think about committing such a shameful, detestable act that will bring great harm, suffering and distress upon many millions of Americans; that is, to take away their medical coverage?

Well, that’s what Republicans in the Congress intend to do with their proposed plan. The Senate GOP supposedly was going to come up a far better plan than the one that had been developed in the House; but what its leadership just presented is a disaster and an insult to the people of this country.

It destroys Obamacare and replaces it with a plan that, based on preliminary estimates by the CBO and other experts on this issue, removes the medical coverage of up to 23 million Americans, defunds Planned Parenthood and gives the richest Americans $600 billion in tax cuts and concessions. The details of the plan are contained in this article.

What Republicans are doing should be considered as an act of treachery. And Trump supporters who fully support this monstrous Republican plan, together with others Americans with no particular party affiliation are, unquestionably, complicit in this act of evil.

Moderate Republicans who fully realize what their cohorts are doing need to follow their consciences, think about the principles of morality and ethics, and totally refuse to support this proposed legislation. They should demand that a far better plan, designed to provide effective healthcare, is developed, no matter how long it takes.

There is no question but that the Republicans are determined to ram this plan through the Congress. So it’s time for Democrats to ”Get off the schneid” and take this matter and its terrible ramifications directly to the American people.

Here is what must happen:

  • Democrats, with the 2018 national elections rapidly approaching, need to shift their organizing efforts into high gear. They have to stop their current wasteful efforts to simply criticize Congressional Republicans and, instead, turn their attention to what should be their #1 objective; to, in this next election, generate one of the greatest Democratic and independent voter turnouts in U.S. history.

They need to motivate their entire support group, with a great deal of concentration given to two powerful voting blocs, African Americans and Hispanics, neither of which has been very eager to go to the polls in recent times.

They also need to get their lawyers to identify the areas of this country where Republicans are known to be using devious tactics to suppress voter turnout, especially involving African Americans and Hispanics. Republicans use this rotten tactic to win key elections across America; and they must be stopped.

  • Secondly, the people of America have to understand that this country is in a state of governmental chaos, heading for a Constitutional crisis if Trump and the GOP establish a powerful, unbreakable control. They must listen to the messages coming from the Democrat organizers and respond to this need to turn out and vote as never before.

It’s time that they fully see the great dangers present in this deteriorating situation and be motivated to remove as many of these Republican obstructionists as possible from this Congress in 2018; and then begin laying the groundwork for doing the same to Trump in 2020.

Democrats have been given a brilliant opportunity to send the Republicans racing down the road to political irrelevance. That opportunity has just been handed to them on a silver platter as the leadership of the GOP is about ready to stick its neck into a noose of its own making.

Republicans have been working feverishly in secret sessions to take down Obamacare rather than doing the right thing by improving it. While this program certainly has its faults and shortcomings, they can be fixed and there is no need to destroy the entire program.

How can these Republicans be so cruel and heartless? It’s simply a part of their nature. They possess these characteristics of a sociopath; a distinct lack of conscience, lack of empathy, no remorse, no guilt or shame. They are incapable of understanding the emotional damage they inflict on others because of their actions.

Shouldn’t they be concerned about feeling the anger and wrath of the people for these actions? Yes, one might think so. But these arrogant, brazen politicians have no such fear. They look upon that sizable group of zealous Trump and GOP supporters as a herd of cattle that can be easily manipulated; and they are right. And as for the rest of the majority of other Americans who aren’t ardent Trump supporters? They see them as being no more than Sheeple, a combination of sheep and cattle.

They don’t fear this latter group because they know that, no matter how destructive their personal actions might be, the majority of these Americans just don’t seem to possess the strong will needed to fight back. The GOP attitude is, “Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead” and to hell with what the American people think.

The Democratic Party has arrived at a critical crossroads…

Democrats have to re-connect with their supporters and get them back in the fold. Too many of their former strong supporters have come to feel that the Democrats are not much different from Republicans; and that’s why so many no longer show up to vote. What Democrats have to do is to prove to them that this is not the case and that there is a sizable difference between the two parties.

The best way to do that would be to remind them that the Democratic Party has created all of these major social programs: Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Obamacare, the Foot Stamp program, as well as others. Then show how Republicans have every intention of getting rid of every one of them if they are not prevented from doing so.

The Democratic Party has arrived at a critical crossroads and it needs to stop vacillating, get moving, and take action right now. If it blows this brilliant, once in a political lifetime opportunity, the media headlines will be that the “Democratic Party, Snatches defeat out of the jaws of victory.”

The Senate Republicans have just released their hastily-produced, highly secretive legislation to repeal Obamacare and early indications are that it is far worse than anticipated. The Congressional Budget Office will complete a final assessment of it in a few days and it’s likely that it will have just about the same negative results as has been reported.

Knowledgeable individuals, aware of the provisions contained in this legislation, say that it will never pass the Senate and may not even come to a vote. The former chairman of the Republican Party, Michael Steele, who is very critical of it and the harm it will do to the poor and older Americans, went so far as to say that, unless it is drastically improved, it will never actually replace Obamacare; and that’s because it’s almost impossible to back out of Obamacare and its many connections with the various areas of the medical industry.

Steele is right; and, even if the Republicans fail in these efforts they should be severely punished for trying to foist this catastrophic system on this country and its people; the GOP and its members must pay a very heavy price for their treachery.

Every Republican who is running in the 2018 election should be identified by name and the state he or she represents. A massive media campaign should follow with commercials which feature each of these Republicans and how they have joined with a party leadership that has just developed a plan which will deliver a vicious blow to many Americans. TV, radio, newspapers and personal interviews by a host of Democratic Party leaders and members should be utilized.

The future of America is in distinct danger; the people must step forward in unison and respond.

Of course, certain exceptions should be made so moderate Republicans such as Sen. Susan Collins and a few others, who have clearly stated that they, in good conscience, cannot support this extremely faulted Trump-inspired healthcare plan, are not punished.

If the Democrats and a large portion of the American people take these critically important steps in the days and months leading to the next election this could be a major turning point in this nation’s history. The future of America is in distinct danger; the people must step forward in unison and respond.

The bottom line: if the Republicans, becoming aware of the mounting anger and resistance of the people of America to their twisted Trumpcare plan, go ahead and are irresponsible enough to find some way to ram it through the Congress, then their next actions had better be to begin writing the political obituary of their party.


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Michael Payne is an independent progressive activist. His writings deal with social, economic, political and foreign policy issues; and especially with the great dangers involved with the proliferation of perpetual war, the associated defense industry, and the massive control that Corporate America holds over this government and our election process; all which are leading this nation down the road to eventual financial ruin if the conditions are not reversed. He is a graduate of Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois and a U.S. Army veteran.