Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Tag: healthcare

The veiled threat of fiscal commission as gateway to Social Security...

In a controversial move, the GOP-led House Budget Committee's hearing to establish a fiscal commission raises alarms for potential cuts in Social Security and Medicare, sparking widespread criticism and concerns for the future of these essential programs.

Baltimore joins over 100 US cities in official endorsement of Medicare...

The resolution is seen as a step toward addressing health inequities and improving outcomes for all residents in Baltimore and beyond.

Skyrocketing drug prices under scrutiny as pharma CEOs summoned to Senate...

"A life-saving drug is not effective if the patient who needs that drug cannot afford it."

Sanders demands probe of push to give company patent for public-funded...

Sanders demanded a probe of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) patent proposal in a letter to Christi Grimm, inspector general of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Largest healthcare worker strike in US history set to kick off...

More than 75,000 Kaiser Permanente employees in six states and Washington, D.C. are set to stop working for three days starting Wednesday to protest unfair working conditions and unsafe staffing levels.

Biden announces 10 drugs subject to price cuts with Medicare

The Biden administration said the negotiations could save could save taxpayers money.

Sanders, Jayapal lan town hall on healthcare as human right to...

"There are millions of people who would like to go to a doctor but cannot afford to do so," said Sanders. "This is an outrage. In America, your health and your longevity should not be dependent on your wealth."

The healthcare long march: Why exposing evils of medical debt doesn’t...

The closest thing to actual solutions are vague hints

Allergic to prevention, most heart disease treatment is systemically flawed. Reform...

If I live a healthier, less anxious, with no emergency-rush-to-the-ER episodes, this risk assessment outlay is a bargain.

Cancer patients challenge Biden admin’s refusal to lower price of lifesaving...

“This is a drug that was invented with taxpayer dollars by scientists at UCLA and can be purchased in Canada for one-fifth the U.S. price."


The unseen cost of cigarette pollution: Billions in environmental damage

The yearly economic cost of cigarette plastic waste amounts to approximately $26 billion.

Billionaire Heirs: The accelerating $5.2 trillion wealth transfer

Without robust wealth and inheritance taxes the children and grandchildren of today's billionaires will dominate our future politics, economy, culture, and philanthropy."

Make America fascist again (MAFA!)

Is this the future If Donald Trump returns to the Oval Office?

COP28 president challenges science: Claims ‘no science’ behind fossil fuel phase-out

At the heart of the climate debate, COP28 President Sultan Al Jaber's controversial stance on fossil fuels sparks a global outcry, challenging the core objectives of the climate summit.

“The madness of militarism,” the 2023 Ellsberg lecture by Norman Solomon

Norman Solomon reflects on 'the madness of militarism' in the Ellsberg Lecture