Alex Jones: There is a plot to install Robert Mueller as ‘the first king of America’

Jones: “Robert Mueller is attempting to kill the republic”

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ALEX JONES (HOST): If [Robert] Mueller is successful it will set up – like this happened in many Third World countries – the federal police as the new dictators. Now we saw this in Rome. During the decline of the Roman empire, the Praetorian Guard, or the federal police as they were in Rome, began overthrowing caesars. So even the dictators or the hereditary dictators were being overthrown and then whoever was more favorable to the federal police, who wore dark blue robes – this is where the police blue comes from – the Praetorian Guard. Whoever was favorable with them and some of the main legions that were obviously exploratory to the empire, they would overthrow the patricians. They would overthrow the gentry class. They would throw over the royalty. And pretty soon things just degenerated and fell into wreck and ruin and then outside forces were able to sack the western Roman Empire in 410 with the Visigoth chieftain Alaric and then it moved to the eastern empire, what was Constantinople that later fell to the Muslims. It’s now Istanbul. Now that’s just some history, but this man would be Praetorian emperor of our republic and would mark the end of the republic and a new bureaucratic praetorian who can commit any crimes they want because they’re above the law. Judge, jury, and executioner. Judge Dredd.

An arrogant, sickening, evil man delivering uranium on tarmacs just in 10 companies, completely criminal, investing no money, getting millions back with Russian companies on the payroll. And so they’ve got to put this on us because we’re trying to restore the republic, trying to make the country great again, and delivering. And they’re like werewolves shot by a silver bullet. They’re like Count Dracula being drug out of his keep at high noon and his coffin being thrown open. The sunshine of freedom and Americana becoming popular again and our will not being broken and being proud and having success and moving forward and rejecting the poison of globalism, the psychological warfare of the new world order. It is bringing the country back like defibrillators bring back a dying heart, a heart that stopped beating. And they don’t know what to do. They are panicked. They are scared. They are running for the hills. And they’ve put everything they can into Robert Mueller, who would be the first king of America.


JONES: And now we have these sycophant nobodies like Robert Mueller who would be the king. He is now the king of the swamp. The leader of the Democratic Party was [John] McCain, but his brain tumor slowed him down. Now all their hopes and dreams are on the swamp king, the literal swamp king creature come to kill America, Robert Mueller. Ladies and gentlemen, pray that the good Lord will set him straight. Robert Mueller is attempting to kill the republic.


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