6 causes you should care about right now

The following are examples of some of the most worthwhile causes out there.


For anybody who tries to be socially conscious, it can be overwhelming to distribute your energy and resources to every deserving cause. You want to make the world a better place, but you also know that there are millions of people in need. Determining where to devote your time is a challenge to be sure, but there are a few causes that you can be confident supporting. The following are just a few examples of social campaigns that everybody should be concerned with helping. No matter what your interests are, these causes are sure to make a difference.

Making the world a better place is no easy task, but it is a little more feasible when you focus your energy and choose the right cause. The following are examples of some of the most worthwhile causes out there. By educating yourself and learning about the best ways to help, you can make a difference and help those in need around the world.

Women’s Empowerment

Internationally, women represent a marginalize and often victimized population. Women in some countries enjoy more rights and freedom than women in other places, but across the board, they generally do not possess the same social and political power as their male counterparts. Efforts to empower women can take many forms. Some organizations focus on providing economic resources to impoverished women, and others focus on teaching women valuable skills such as coding. All of these efforts are valuable contributions to the empowerment of women, and when you pitch in, you are helping to improve conditions for women around the world.

 Education for Children

Most people in developed nations take education for granted. Kids go to school and can even go to college if they wish—but for millions of children throughout the rest of the world, this is not the reality. Improving access to education is one of the most important causes you could possibly contribute to, and it can positively impact the lives of countless children. Philanthropists such as Lola Karimova-Tillyaeva on Youtube offer examples of the empowerment that can be achieved through greater access to education. All kids deserve to be able to learn and go to school.

Feeding the Hungry

Unfortunately, there are millions of people around the world who still experience hunger on a daily basis. Meals may be difficult to come by for such populations, and there is often no easy solution. Plenty of charities, however, are doing meaningful work in gradually reducing world hunger and supplying those at risk with nutritional resources. This is a life-saving endeavor, and it empowers communities, too. No resource is more vital than nourishment, and you have the power to provide it by supporting the charities and causes that are on the ground supplying food to people.

Empowerment Through Sports

Many philanthropists devote themselves only to one cause rather than approaching charity intersectionally. Anybody who has seen Lola Karimova-Tillyaeva on Youtube, however, will know that it is entirely possible to take on multiple causes and successfully make progress. One way to approach multiple issues at once is to develop community initiatives that unite and empower people collectively. Sports offer a great example of this—as people get involved, other community issues can more easily be addressed and remedied. In Uzbekistan, for example, a gymnastics league provides inspiration and engagement to the participants as well as the communities that become involved.

Children With Disabilities

Children are often the most vulnerable members of a community, so it is important that they are protected and cared for. This is even truer if the children in question happen to be disabled. Disabled children are less likely to receive education, adequate nourishment and social stability. Needless to say, they are deserving of the support and empowerment that will help them live successfully. Charities devoted to this cause often provide basic resources as well as support services to help disabled children thrive in their communities. This, in turn, helps whole communities thrive, too.

Kids Without Parents

There are many reasons a child may be living without their parents—some cannot afford to raise the child, others give their children up for adoption and others pass away and leave orphans behind. All of these situations are tragic and put kids in a particularly vulnerable position. Much like disabled children, kids without parents may struggle to access the education, nourishment and support they need. Charities devoted to helping such children, though, are a great way to counteract such disadvantages. This cause is important for ensuring that all kids have the same opportunities—regardless of their family or background.

Getting involved in causes that you care about is the best way to make a difference and ultimately make the world a better place. Though there are many causes you might consider, these are some of the most important, and you can affect change effectively by devoting yourself to any of the aforementioned issues.


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