Root causes of America’s immigration dilemma: And the necessary, viable solution

If the root cause of this problem, the law-breaking companies, is not addressed then the problem will continue to plague America.

Image Credit: Gregory Bull/AP Photo
If America had a rational-thinking president and other competent leaders they could readily come up with a viable solution to America’s ongoing immigration problem. This dilemma was created by thousands of American companies in full view of those leaders who could have taken preventative measures to stop these illegal entries at its inception. They did no such thing and looked the other way as the influx of illegals rapidly escalated.   
Many in this government are extremely frustrated by this problem but, clearly, don’t have a clue about how to deal with it. We have a president that, if he could, would attempt to deport most all 12 million of them back to various countries. He keeps talking about how bad the situation is and how it was caused by the Democrats because he has to lay the blame on someone rather than taking positive and constructive to address and solve it.
He, this Congress, and its leaders should think about how America has evolved over many years with immigrants from numerous foreign countries coming to America and providing labor for important endeavors at low wages. They were greatly responsible for the growth of America and becoming the country that it is.
We still have immigrants coming here from various overseas countries but not to the same extent as in the past. Now here’s how and why things have changed over decades and how our process of immigration has been greatly faulted through neglect in enforcing immigration laws. In the past immigrants came here, took jobs that few Americans wanted and then went through the process of becoming citizens.
Then things began to change. Decades ago many U.S. companies that were searching for ways to reduce labor costs and increase profits suddenly became aware that such cheap labor was available south of America’s border. They had seen small number of mostly Mexicans come over the border illegally and then take jobs with companies in California and Florida that produced farm products. The meat packing industry and other companies entered the quest for illegals who would work for low wages.  
So now it becomes clear what the root cause of this problem really is. These American companies created this flow of illegal immigrants into America with the objective to substantially increase profits. They successfully achieved that objective and now many of politicians, are angered and frustrated because the problem continues with no apparent solution in sight. That’s because these same politicians won’t take their blinders off.
So what should be done? Should this president take strong action and begin a mass deportation program and send millions of these illegals out of this country? That’s not going to take place because he and the Congress know what then will happen to commerce in America.
Of great importance is that these undocumented immigrants are here, they are doing the work that typical Americans refuse to do. Huge numbers work in the fields and orchards in California and Florida, they cut and fertilize our lawns, work in our restaurants, and in our car washes. They have become a part of our society, in effect, have been assimilated into our culture.  The vast majority of them lives good lives, pay taxes, and present no problems whatsoever.
The idea of mass deportation should be taken off the table. What needs to be done is to accept the reality of the situation and initiate various measures by which these immigrants, including the DACA Dreamers would, over a period of time, attain U.S. citizenship. As this is done, the country’s immigration laws would need to be reformed and new policies instituted to strongly tighten the border with Mexico. We don’t need Trump’s wall.
The laws should make it clear that companies could no longer try to entice illegal immigrants and that they must refuse to hire those that get through the law enforcement check points. There would have to be extremely high penalties for any offenders that refused to adhere to these laws; so severe that they could be shut down for months. If the root cause of this problem, the law-breaking companies, is not addressed then the problem will continue to plague America. 
The solution presented above is a sensible, viable one. The leaders of this government and the members of Congress allowed this problem to happen. Now they must stop their vacillating and attack and solve this problem. And if any of them have a better, more effective solution than the one I have presented above, then let’s hear it.


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