Samsung to go 100 percent renewable energy by 2020

Samsung's commitment is the first of its kind from an Asian electronic manufacturing company.

Image Credit: eKantipur

The South Korean tech corporation, Samsung, announced on Thursday that it will commit to 100 percent renewable energy by 2020. With factories, office buildings and operational facilities in the U.S. Europe and China, “specific locations were chosen as they are ‘well-equipped with infrastructure for the development and transmission of renewable energy,'” EcoWatch reported.

“Samsung Electronics is fulfilling its duty as a corporate citizen by expanding and supporting the use of renewable energy,” Won Kyong Kim, Samsung Electronics’ executive vice president and head of global public affairs, said in a statement. “As demonstrated by our expanded commitment, we are focused on protecting our planet and are doing our part as a global environmental steward.”

Samsung’s commitment is the first of its kind from an Asian electronic manufacturing company, EcoWatch reported, and was celebrated by many environmental group who’ve been pushing for the corporation to set renewable energy goals.

“Samsung’s announcement is a major step forward for the movement to build a renewably powered future,” Jennifer Morgan, Greenpeace International’s executive director, said in a press release. “If the company follows through with meaningful actions, it will join the ranks of innovative business leaders recognizing the sense of urgency around climate change and showing a different future is still possible.”

The corporation also plans to join the Carbon Disclosure Project supply chain program, a program that allows suppliers to identify and manage climate change, deforestation and water-related risks, next year.

Samsung will further outline its renewable energy plan in its 2018 sustainability report to be released in the coming days.


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