Two different government agencies remove ‘climate change’ from their websites and documents report confirms

Many experts believe the to be in line with Donald Trump's lead since he took office.

Image Credit: Mark Dixon/CC BY 2.0

Words have been removed or curtailed as new reports confirmed that both the Treasury Department and the Center for Disease Control have altered their reporting on climate science as part of the current administration’s tone.

Many experts believe the to be in line with Donald Trump’s lead since he took office.

The new reports, which obtained information through the Freedom of Information Act, conclude that “climate Change” has been removed from documents and websites of both government agencies, Pacific Standard reported. While the Treasury Department removed a section on “climate change resilience” in their 2107 draft of a sustainability report, E&E News reported, the CDC removed “climate change” from its National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) website. The Washington Post reported that the web page, once named, “Climate Change and Occupational Safety and Health,” was recently renamed, “Occupational Safety and Health and Climate.”

In 2016, the Treasury’s sustainability report included 10 environmental goals, which included “Climate Change Resilience,” and was updated with the department’s progress, yet the 2017 draft left that goal out completely, Common Dreams reported.

The changes made to the CDC’s website were “made either on or after November 14, 2016, after Trump was elected but before his inauguration,” Common Dreams reported. And the reason for that, experts speculate, was “an attempt by Obama staffers to keep climate related programs safe under Trump by removing obvious references to climate change from the site.”

“What they’ve done is, they’ve tried to curtail the language and keep their heads down so they can continue doing the work they want to do,” Jason Glaser, co-founder of the non-profit La Isla Network said to The Washington Post.


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