Nothing Donald Trump can do will drive his voters away: If last week didn’t do it, what will?

Multiple convictions of his inner circle, with more coming. Personal insults to a Republican hero. Nothing changes

Image Credit: Odyssey

With Donald Trump’s political woes being overshadowed by the news of Sen. John McCain’s death over the weekend, one might think the president would be relieved to have a change of subject from his no good, very bad week. Yet Trump seems to be fulminating at all the praise and attention for his nemesis, as even his beloved Fox News gives its airwaves over to paeans to the man Trump loathes above all others.

The Washington Post reported that Trump even refused to issue a laudatory tribute to McCain’s years of service to the country, insisting instead on a flaccid tweet sharing thoughts and prayers for the family. After which he tweeted some standard insults about the Mueller investigation, threw out some economic news, complained about social media censorship and whined that President Obama gets too much credit for the economy. Even some of his defenders, who evidently expected him to step up and act like a normal president in this circumstance, were disappointed.



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