HAPPENING TODAY: Youth climate leaders to flood congressional offices to demand Green New Deal

The movement calls for the creation of "climate plan in line with what science and justice demand."


Last week youth climate leaders staged a sit-in at the Capitol Hill office of House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi. Today they plan to take the fight nationwide and are calling for climate activists all over the nation to help them flood congressional offices to demand a “Green New Deal.”

The new youth-led Sunrise Movement say “our generation is done waiting”, and is demanding that Democrats adopt bold new policies that provide bolder climate steps in order to curb climate change. The group also supports Representative-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s proposed Select Committee for a Green New Deal.

Although some newly-elected Democrats have backed the idea, other Democratic politicians believe it is “not necessary.” The group is calling for Democrats to show proof to the younger generations that will fight for the planet.


“We have the momentum to make a Green New Deal real, but we need a critical mass of congresspeople to support the proposal,” the Sunrise Movement declared.

The “Green New Deal Day of Action” is to call for Democratic lawmakers to champion the proposed Green New Deal selection committee and “create a climate plan in line with what science and justice demand.” The deal calls for steps that would fully transition the United States away from fossil-fuel energy within a few decades.

350.org, which helped organize today’s planned events, also released a statement:

“Through their efforts, 10 congresspeople now back Ocasio-Cortez’ Select Committee for a Green New Deal. Now, youth are taking action in their districts to pressure federal policymakers to back the only rational response to the climate crisis—a massive economic mobilization over the next decade to get our country off fossil fuels.”

Even on short notice, more than 300 events have been planned across the country. Click here to find an event near you.


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