Supreme Court denies Trump administration’s ban on asylum for immigrants who illegally cross

The trump administration's ban conflicts with current immigration law.

Image Credit: Getty Images

A plea from the Trump administration to start enforcing its ban on asylum for immigrants was denied by the Supreme Court on Friday. While the current administration was hoping to begin its enforcement, but a 5-4 ruling will leave current American asylum laws in place.

The court’s order rejected “Donald Trump’s proclamation in November automatically denying asylum to people who enter the country from Mexico without going through official border crossings,” The Guardian reported. Left in place was the lower court’s ruling, which was decided by San Francisco-based U.S. District Judge Jon Tigar.

Tigar ruled on Nov. 19 that regardless of whether immigrants enter the U.S. legally or not, the law allows them the right to request asylum. The trump administration’s ban conflicts with this immigration law.

Brett Kavanugh and three additional conservative judges sided with the Trump administration, while Chief Justice John Roberts and four less conservative judges rejected the administration’s plea to narrow down current American asylum laws.

According to Politico, “Trump said he was acting in response to caravans of migrants making their way to the border.”



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