#DrillingisKilling: Surfrider Foundation releases video to inform public of Trump administration’s offshore drilling plans


The Trump administration’s new plan to expand offshore oil drilling will impact thousands of miles of coastline and the coastal life as many have come to know it and enjoy it might never be the same. To shed light on the current administration’s efforts for new offshore drilling and how it will negatively impact America’s oceans and coastal communities, Surfrider Foundation – a grassroots non-profit environmental organization that works to protect and preserve the world’s oceans, waves and beaches – released a new short film.

Featuring surf legend Rob Machado and surfer and comedian Tyler Allen, the video is “determined to stop new offshore drilling off U.S. coasts” and get people to take action to stop the Trump administration’s expansion plans, EcoWatch reported.

The Trump administration wants to open our coasts to new offshore oil and gas drilling. But offshore drilling is a dirty and destructive business that will harm our ocean and coastal communities. Make your voice heard and stop the largest assault on our ocean in American history. #DrillingIsKilling

The Department of Interior is expected to release its newest draft of the 5-Year Offshore Drilling Plan in the upcoming weeks, which will name the offshore drilling areas under consideration and then open a comment period as well as have public meetings in the affected areas before making a final decision.

As public opposition against the administration’s new offshore drilling plans continues to grow, there are “more than 330 municipalities, 2,000 elected officials, 45,000 businesses and almost all coastal governors have formally opposed new offshore oil and gas development,” EcoWatch reported.

Oil drilling has a track record of polluting oceans, impacting the marine ecosystem and threatening the way of life for many Americans. And now, with 90 percent of the U.S. waters open to offshore drilling, Surfrider Foundation is doing all it can to stop the current administration.


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