Bernie Sanders’ Green New Deal plan

The 2020 Democratic candidate’s plan is by for the most aggressive plan compared to his rivals.


Yesterday, Sen. Bernie Sanders announced his version of a Green New Deal proposal which seems to be the most aggressive plan compared to his rivals’. His 10-year plan would create 20 million jobs and would transition the U.S. economy to 100 percent renewable energy. 

Sanders’ goal is to eliminate U.S. carbon emissions by 2050, create well-paid union jobs, encourage other world leaders to fight the current climate crisis, and turn the U.S. into using 100% renewable power for both electricity and transportation by 2030. 

“This is a pivotal moment in the history of America—and really, in the history of humanity. When we are in the White House, we will launch the decade of the Green New Deal, a 10-year mobilization to avert climate catastrophe during which climate change, justice, and equity will be factored into virtually every area of policy, from immigration to trade to foreign policy and beyond,” says Sanders. 

According to Common Dreams, the Sanders campaign claims the plan, that would cost roughly $16tn, would pay for itself over 15 years by “forcing the fossil fuel industry to “pay for their pollution,” eliminating fossil fuel subsidies, slashing military spending that is dedicated to “maintaining global oil dependence,” raising taxes on the wealthiest Americans, and more.”

His new deal comes out amid the Arctic and Amazon’s rainforest’s fires and Greenland’s ice shelf is melting. 


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