2020 Peace Calendar

    The 48th edition is packed with inspirational art, people's history, stories and more.

    SOURCESyracuse Cultural Workers
    October | Power to the People

    It’s easy to feel powerless in America today. We get it. There’s an overwhelming amount of negativity and bad news that gets blasted to the public each day. It’s enough to make anyone question the ability of our governmental systems to protect us.

    You can even lose hope in peace altogether.

    Sure, it’s easy to feel this way. But you don’t do what’s easy. You do what’s right. And that means responding to negativity, not with fear or hopelessness, but with confidence. Because justice, equality, and peace are not just sentimental ideals; they are tangible realities, as long as we can work together to hold the powerful accountable.

    But staying positive takes energy. Sometimes you need a little reminder that courage pays dividends and that you are not in this fight alone.

    The Peace Calendar from Syracuse Cultural Workers serves as that reminder for us.

    Founded in 1982, Syracuse Cultural Workers is a progressive publisher committed to peace, sustainability, social justice, feminism and multiculturalism.

    The 2020 Peace Calendar is their 48th edition, and it’s the most powerful one yet. It is packed with inspirational art, people’s history, stories and more.

    Calendar Features

    • Inspirational art and stories for each month
    • Over 200 people’s history annotations
    • 48th edition
    • Holidays for many faiths
    • Lunar cycles, 13 native moons
    • 14×11 closed, 28×11 on wall

    Calendar Art

    We all have one hanging in our homes, and they help keep us focused on the peaceful future we work towards every day. And we think it can do the same for you.

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