What can peace activists do to help prevent a war with Iran?

What can peace activists can do besides marching in protest of Trump's actions—here are a few ideas.


The most obvious thing they can do is protest, and they have begun to do that in droves. And they can do what Jane Fonda has suggested: join with climate control advocates and work for a political solution. This means working against Trump and in favor of a presidential candidate in the 2020 election who will work both for climate control and for peace. The more progressive Democrats (Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Tulsi Gabbard) are on the right side of this debate, and none of them are going to espouse war with Iran and more than they would ignore the issues of climate control.

One of the major issues is what will (for example) the Sanders and Gabbard supporters do if (for example) the nominee is Warren? Will they abandon the Democrats in favor of a third party?

It is quite important to have a collaborative effort. If, for example, Warren is selected, she should name at least four important nominees to her cabinet before the general campaign even starts. She should reach out to other candidates and bring them into her campaign. Sanders should do the same.  Having a coalition government would be favored not only by Democrats but also independents and even Republicans. This is the best way of defeating Trump and changing the make-up of the Senate.

Besides becoming part of a political solution at the end of 2020, what else can peace advocates do? I would suggest that we follow what Rose McGowan has suggested. Start a movement to condemn what Trump has done, apologize to Iran for the assassination, and declare openly to Iran that the majority of Americans want peace. Promote a poll to show that most Americans opposed what Trump did. Raise money for the benefit of Iranians who need support. The raising of money should include a project for sending a Peace Group to Iran to honor Sulemani’s death and state up front that the donated funds will be used for purposes that will promote peace between Iran and the U.S.

If it were possible, the Peace Group should find a similar group in Iran and both groups should return to Washington, D.C., to honor Sulemani’s death and promote peace between the two countries.

The Peace Group should include former members of the U.S. military who support the idea of having a Peace Group and peace between the two countries.

Funds raised should be used to provide continued information on the Peace Group so that the movement cannot be ignored.


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