Is US presidential candidate Joe Biden a war criminal?

Joe Biden had supported the Iraq War of 2003. But no one knows why he is running away from the truth.


Joe Biden is now the Democratic nominee for the presidential election 2020. Both Bernie Sanders and former president Barack Obama have endorsed Biden’s candidacy.  

During his election campaign, Biden many times said that he stood against the “Iraq war”, the moment it started. But facts are saying something else. 

What happened in 1998 (5 years before the Iraq War) 

In 1998, U.N. guns inspector Scott Ritter resigned in protest and accused the international community of not giving him and his colleagues the help they needed to perform their task in Iraq, which had agreed in 1991 to ruin its chemical guns stockpile.  

In September 1998, he was called to testify before the Senate and Joe Biden who was then the highest-ranking Democrat on the Foreign Relations committee said regardless of how detailed the assessments are, the best way to eliminate the threat was to expel Saddam Hussein.  

The essential approach is to keep authorizes set up to prevent Saddam from getting the billions of dollars that would permit him to truly wrench up his program, which neither you nor I believe he’s ever going to desert as long as he’s set up. 

As long as Saddam is in charge, there is no sensible possibility that you (Scott) or some other inspector is ever going to ensure that we have uncovered, root and branch of the whole of Saddam’s program comparative with weapons of mass destruction. 

You and I both know, and we all here truly know, and it’s a thing we need to confront, that the only way to get Saddam Hussein out is to put you guys, men in uniform, back in the desert and get rid of this bastard.  

Now, the team of Norvergence LLC wants all of you to read what Biden said in October 2004. By this time, we all know there were no weapons of mass destruction found in Iraq.  

Biden gave a shocking statement: “I never believed they had weapons of mass destruction.” 

He just took a U-turn on what he said in 1998. 

This is Joe Biden's checkered Iraq history - Vox
Source: Vox

In the spring of 2004, Biden delivered a speech at the University of Delaware where he gave the original decision of why America has gone to war with Iraq. 

Let me mention to you what I see with Iraq. We needed to go into Iraq, not on the grounds that Saddam Hussein was a part of Al Qaeda, there was no proof of that. Also, there is no evidence that he had WMDs. 

 “The legitimate reason for going into Iraq was he violated every single commitment he made and warranted being taken down. And the international community and we had a right to respond.” 


Joe Biden had supported the Iraq War of 2003. But no one knows why he is running away from the truth.


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