Trump’s traitorous attempt to cripple the US national election system to remain in power

The one thing that might get this horrific president reelected is if he can find the ways to cripple this nation’s voting by mail systems.


Under extreme pressure from Nancy Pelosi and, because he was scheduled to testify before Senate and House of Representatives committees on August 21 and August 24 respectively, Postmaster General Louis DeJoy announced that he was “suspending longstanding operational initiatives at the United States Postal Service, amid fears that the changes could delay election mail this fall in the middle of the pandemic.”

That’s good, he wilted to the pressure and backed off but he stated he would not put back the mailboxes and sorting machines he had taken out of service. Well, when he continues to refuse to do what is right then the House of Representatives should stop fooling around and take steps for the Sergeant of Arms to arrest him for illegal, unlawful actions. 

Most Americans have been aware of Trump’s traitorous attempt to suppress votes by using the U.S. Postal Service to significantly slow down the delivery of election ballots to various states. While most of us weren’t looking he installed DeJoy, one of his campaign donors, as the head of this critically important agency. 

DeJoy, who has no postal experience, wasted no time in cutting overtime and scaling back various operations to, as he claims, saves USPS funds. What he actually was doing was slowing down the mail delivery system.

Trump had recently announced that he would put a hold on the $25 billion that Democrats wanted to appropriate for the postal system to improve operations. He even confessed that he was doing it to make certain that it would be difficult, if not impossible, to use this voting system effectively, and that it would result in a complete disaster.

Didn’t this halfwit of a president understand what he would be doing? Didn’t he know that the Veterans’ Administration (the VA) healthcare system uses the postal system to deliver close to 100% of prescriptions to U.S. veterans? And also, that many Americans, including many seniors, receive their medications this same way. 

Then there are Social Security checks that seniors greatly depend upon. Wasn’t he aware that the U.S. Post Office delivers the greatest number of online purchases that help to fuel this economy? Well, as most Americans know, this guy has never been thought to be a deep thinker.

This was a traitorous, treacherous act by this president that amounts to a betrayal of this country. He was intent on impeding the functions of the USPS and, with it, this country’s national system of elections. 

If he had, somehow, been able to pull it off he would have crippled this country’s national election system to the point that it might have been impossible to determine who won the election. He aimed to have the election declared invalid so he would win, more or less, by forfeit.

As is true in so many cases involving states, there are those that have effective systems in place, while others are currently in the process of developing them. Some only use absentee voting. Nobody says that each state has to use voting by mail, it’s up to each one to decide if it can be done effectively.

This is from an AP report that tells of the complexity of a typical system. “To ensure success, all the pieces of mail-in balloting systems have to be in place well before Election Day. That’s because processing absentee ballots is a complex, multi-step process in most states: Voter fills out an application, mails it to local election office; local election office verifies voter’s eligibility, sends back ballot; voter completes ballot, signs envelope, returns it. Election office verifies the ballot’s authenticity, counts it.” 

Here is the suggestion I was going to put forth on how to counteract Trump’s deceitful objective to kill voting by mail and I still will. “There needs to be a plan developed by which to contact each USPS union president and have them contact each postal worker to do the following: have all workers agree to make the handling of ballots their #1 priority as soon as this program gets underway in each state.”

“This is the key to thwarting Trump’s attempt to steal this election. The Democrats may or may not be able to fully turn this Postal Dept. slowdown in deliveries around. So, what to do? Well, all the various states that want to use voting by mail be a success must do this: They must send out the ballots to voters quite early and strongly stress that they must also be returned well before the Nov. 3 election.”

Five key swing states, plus a great many more will have a huge amount of mail-in-voting. His great mentor and close friend, Putin, will not be able to do anything about that. Trump is absolutely furious about that and that’s why he has been trying to do away with voting by mail, by condemning it and warning that it will be full of fraud and a disaster. 

We keep hearing that there is a great danger that, once again, Russia and Putin, will use hacking systems to alter computer systems at polls. This is a great problem because there still will be a very large turnout of people who will cast ballots at polling locations. From what we have heard these computer systems in any number of states do not have appropriate safeguards against hacking and are, therefore, very vulnerable to dirty tactics.

My question is: why in the world are we not hearing much about greatly improving these state computer systems? Where are the high tech companies like Microsoft, Dell Apple, HP, Cisco, and Oracle that should be working on these systems to detect and prevent hacking? 

They should also be working in the area of social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, to identify and destroy obvious attempts to spread misinformation. This has been a problem in previous elections and is not being properly addressed to stop Russia and other nations from having an adverse effect on our elections. 

Is it because states are failing to address these festering problems and request assistance from these tech companies? Is it because social media companies do not want any tech companies to be able to have total access to their systems? I don’t hear anything about working with tech companies but I keep hearing a lot about the vulnerabilities of these systems. 

The one thing that might get this horrific president reelected is if he can find the ways to cripple this nation’s voting by mail systems. He must be stopped in his tracks, Democrats must go after him hammer and tong, like a bunch of angry, deadly hornets, and not give him ONE minute’s rest until he stops his illegal, criminal actions. 


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