Another step towards real democracy

At least some of us are open to change...


Did you know that a drag queen was elected last year as a neighborhood councilwoman in Silver Lake, CA, an area in Los Angeles?

She ran against Adam Schiff for Congress this past March (lost, of course).  But I think this is an important positive thing in our political history.

I know nothing about her politics, or whether she’s even competent.  Adam Schiff is a liberal Democrat, and he’s won easily in years past.  So why would people in a progressive district vote for a drag queen?  Simple: to show that they want real change in our political system.  Adam Schiff is a good congressman, but he’s in the leadership system, and unlike Bernie Sanders and AOC, he’s not really bucking it.  And I’m sure that Maebe A. Girl won in Silver Lake because the locals want change.

Those who are unfamiliar with Silver Lake might claim that it’s an LGBTQ community.  Not really: my daughter, her husband, and my grandson all live there, and from what I’ve seen it’s just a typical liberal Los Angeles area.  I have no idea who she was running against in Silver Lake for the neighborhood council, but (again) I suspect her victory was due more towards dissatisfaction with the overall political system than with her opponent.  Her victory was a statement by the populace.

As I said before, I have no idea about her politics or her competence, but I would probably have voted for her.  She is a symbol for change as well as for transgender people.  And I am very much for change.

Would I have voted for a pedophile?  No, because pedophiles hurt our children and our community.  One of the strikes I call against Bill and Hillary Clinton is that they supported Jeffrey Epstein.  I’m sure that was motivated by his financial support, but money shouldn’t be more important than morality.  If Maebe A. Girl were found to be corrupting young boys or girls, I’d be immediately against her.  At this point, though, she only stands for allowing people to express their own personal desires without harming others.

I should admit, for example, that I tend to be prejudiced against Conservative Christians.  They have a right to their religion and to speak up about it.  But far too many of them carry that faith into things like anti-abortion.  I have met Conservative Christians who were not prejudiced against women’s rights and who were, in fact, very left-wing in terms of racism and government.  So it’s important to keep an open mind.

Bernie Sanders is also symbolic.  He is a democratic socialist who was elected to the Senate.  His voters got beyond the prejudice against democratic socialism and voted for a progressive person.  If a candidate comes out and proclaims himself a supporter of communism, and he wins, at that point we’ll know that Americans truly want a different political system.


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