Good Germans

It is time to walk away from both political parties and let our working stiff voices be heard... over and over!!


In Eric Kurlander’s 2017 book Hitler’s Monsters he sums up the whole ‘Fuehrer Messiah Complex’ in a nutshell: “In the Nazi version of history and politics, Hitler figured as a redeemer who would save the German nation and lead a godly realm to an ultimate victory over evil, light over darkness. By exploiting the supernatural imaginary, Hitler tied his political mission into something out of the Book of Revelation, as one ‘divinely chosen’ to create the Third Reich.” History shows us to where that lead.

If we connect together this Q-Anon movement with the evangelical obsessions about the 2nd Coming, we have the witches brew of outlandish conspiracies mixed with equally outlandish revisionist biblical farce. Such was and IS a part of this Trump Phenomena. Now, this all comes from a writer who happens to hold value in many conspiracy theories, and my belief in a Universal Love Energy (Christ Spirit?) encompassing all religions. For those reading this column, I do believe in the conspiracies about the murders of JFK, Malcolm X, Dr. King Jr., RFK, Senator Paul Wellstone, Dr. David Kelly (U.K.) and Osama Bin Laden. I do believe that 9/11 was an ‘Inside Job’, the ‘Pearl Harbor’ of our generation, and that the Boston Marathon bombing was not what they told us it was.  I also believe that the U.S. presidential elections of 2000 and 2004 were stolen. What Q-Anon does (as most likely a Psi Ops scheme by forces within our own government) is mix in the aforementioned conspiracy theories with the ‘off the wall’ ones about Sandy Hook and Parkland shootings being faked, 9/11 involved Holograms and not real planes, the Democrats running child sexual abuse operations, the pandemic a big hoax with Bill Gates and an international Cabal orchestrating it… and on and on. Remember that whole ZOG (Zionist Occupational Government) thing going back decades ago? Or let’s go back to the Protocols of the Elders of Zion (well over two centuries old)  where it was the Jews AKA Zionists who control the world and want the anticipated ‘One World Government’. Once again, what the Psi Ops gang always wants is to throw the light OFF of the Super Rich, from multiple religious and demographic denominations, who actually DO run things behind the scenes. Then, enter Trump.

Methinks that the far right wing apparatchiks behind Donald Trump seized upon this humongous narcissist/egotist to get him into power and do their bidding. It was made much easier for them (and Him) by mesmerizing the racist white supremacist and the obsessed evangelical public into believing, as with the Good Germans in the 1930s, that Trump would ‘Drain the swamp’ of all that is bad.  As with the Nazi regime, this new U.S.A. Reich gave favors to the Super Rich… the ones who would go along for the ride. It was the Jews and Slavs for 1930s Germany, it was the Muslims and ‘entitlement grabbing Blacks’ here at home. Yet, sadly, after the Charlottesville march of August of 2017, whereupon Trump did not condemn those who shouted over and over ‘Jews will not replace us’ and ‘Blood and Soil’ (right out of Nazi storm trooper Germany) 1 in 3 Jews voting in this recent election had cast ballots for him. It seems some Jewish folks, as with their Christian counterparts, can be ‘Good Germans’ and continue to vote Republican no matter who or what runs.

On the subject of ‘Good Germans’ let’s look at those who go along with this Two Party/One Party scheme and loyally follow the Democrat Pied Pipers. Bill Clinton and Barack Obama did nothing of substance to aid us working stiffs, who make up the overwhelming majority of our population. They both cow towed to this goliath, the Military Industrial Empire which even  Eisenhower warned against 60 years ago. Our union movements are dead and buried for seems an eternity. Tens of millions of us have become renters, sometimes in the very homes we used to own! At least 50% of our federal tax revenue continues to go down the rabbit hole for military spending… and the phony wars just keep on coming! Our empire keeps its jackboot strong with nearly 1000 foreign bases in around 100 countries. It matters not who occupies and controls the Congress and White House… the con job rolls along. It was one thing to vote for Biden to rid us of Trump (I did it here in swing state Florida). It is a far other thing to sit back and watch how the Neo Liberal philosophies reap havoc on we who are sweating through this pandemic.

Remember and study the fate of those other ‘Good Germans’ by the photos of devastated German cities in 1945. The only difference for our fate will be the multitude of broken families and broken dreams when the ‘Less than 1 %’ continue their feeding frenzy at our expense! It is time to walk away from both political parties and let our working stiff voices be heard… over and over!!


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Philip A Farruggio is a contributing editor for The Greanville Post. He is also frequently posted on Global Research, Nation of Change, World News Trust and Off Guardian sites. He is the son and grandson of Brooklyn NYC longshoremen and a graduate of Brooklyn College, class of 1974. Since the 2000 election debacle, Philip has written over 300 columns on the Military-Industrial Empire and other facets of life in an upside-down America. He is also host of the ‘It’s the Empire… Stupid‘ radio show, co-produced by Chuck Gregory. Philip can be reached at