What does Biden’s infrastructure plan mean for renewable energy?

The newer United States will be more energy-efficient, environmentally friendly, and economically competitive as it moves toward renewable energy.


When President Joe Biden came into office, he promised the country that he would clean up the electricity system through the American Jobs Plan. The pandemic plan, known as the American Rescue Plan, has undoubtedly helped pave the way to restructure America’s economy. However, Biden realizes that this is not the time to make things the way they once were.

Instead, Biden hopes that the infrastructure plan can be an investment in America to reimagine the economy. One of the factors contributing to a renewed economy is the energy and electricity sector.

Background Behind the Infrastructure Plan

At the end of March 2021, Biden released his plan for the country. Recently, that infrastructure plan moved through Congress. The goal is to allocate trillions of dollars to rebuild America.

Besides giving money to the energy sector, the plan also involves plenty of other matters. Biden hopes to fix highways, rebuild bridges, deliver clean drinking water to Americans, create more jobs, and ensure everyone has access to a safe and well-paying job to support their families.

This investment in America’s infrastructure is genuinely historic. The hope is that it will put America in a better position to compete with other countries and grow bonds within communities. Additionally, the plan will invest the money over the next decade in experts and consultants helping to reverse climate change and reduce the overall environmental footprint, making the country cleaner and greener.

How the Plan Addresses Renewable Energy

Following the COVID-19 pandemic, America needs all of the help it can to recover, especially concerning the effects of climate change and the development and reshaping of the renewable energy grid. Below are some of the ways that Biden’s infrastructure plan affects and addresses renewable energy.

1. Electric Transmission System

President Biden’s plan provides $100 billion to build an electric transmission system that is more resilient than the current one. Currently, much of the United States relies on fossil fuels for electricity. However, Biden wants the United States to be on clean energy by 2030. Therefore, this plan will provide funding for more solar and wind energy farms.

The electricity generated on these farms would provide power to homes and businesses throughout America. Additionally, it would offer tax incentives so more people would be inclined to switch to renewable energy. Along with this, Biden wants to create an Energy Efficiency and Clean Electricity Standard (EECES), which will help cut energy bills and pollution.

2. Electric Vehicle Investment

Another $174 billion will be invested in electric vehicles (EVs). This would go towards building a network of charging stations throughout the country. By 2030, whenever people travel in their EVs, they should be able to find charging stations nearly anywhere, which will be powered by renewable energy.

Additionally, this investment will replace 50,000 transit vehicles powered by diesel, which will help cut carbon emissions. Also, it will turn 20% of buses into electric vehicles through a Clean Buses for Kids program.

3. Offer More Jobs in the Energy Sector

With more renewable energy entering the infrastructure, there will be an increased demand for jobs to implement it. Jobs in clean and renewable energy can help spark the economy once again, too.

New facilities will have to meet higher standards when it comes to worker safety. The creation of more jobs will mean more work done as well. Therefore, Biden can reach the goal of making America 100% carbon-pollution-free in regards to energy and electricity by 2035.

4. Cleaning Up Orphan Wells

The push towards renewable energy means the country will continue decreasing its reliance on fossil fuels. Throughout the country, hundreds of thousands of orphan wells are sitting derelict, posing safety and health hazards.

Part of Biden’s plan is to plug those orphan oil and gas wells in addition to cleaning up abandoned coal mines. This again will provide multiple jobs, and it will boost the renewable energy industry as the country increasingly switches to renewables.

Moving the United States Forward

As the country continues to recover from the pandemic, Biden hopes to continue to rebuild America. The newer United States will be more energy-efficient, environmentally friendly, and economically competitive as it moves toward renewable energy.


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