Progressive International unveils database exposing global right-wing network threatening democracies

This database, which results from a year of meticulous research, exposes the mechanisms through which these forces erode democratic norms and foster geopolitical instability.


Progressive International (PI) has launched a groundbreaking database revealing a global network dubbed the “Reactionary International,” which encompasses right-wing leaders, organizations, and influencers actively undermining democratic institutions worldwide. This database, which results from a year of meticulous research, exposes the mechanisms through which these forces erode democratic norms and foster geopolitical instability.

The unveiling of this extensive database marks a crucial step in understanding and combating the threats posed by reactionary forces. With detailed profiles and connections mapped out, the database includes figures such as Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and former U.S. President Donald Trump, alongside lesser-known entities like tech companies and cultural organizations that play roles in the global right-wing ecosystem.

The database provides insights into various groups and their operations:Israeli tech firms like NSO, Rayzone, and Team Jorge are shown to develop technologies that fuel unrest and surveillance in regions like Latin America.The Grey Wolves, a Turkish death squad, are linked to President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and implicated in violent operations that enforce nationalist agendas.The Falun Gong organization, through its media arm The Epoch Times and the Shen Yun dance troupe, extends its influence in Western nations by aligning with right-wing agendas and promoting anti-China sentiments.

Yanis Varoufakis, a member of PI and a vocal advocate for democratic transparency, describes the database as “a treasure chest of well-researched reports on how the reactionaries of the world unite.” This characterization highlights the database’s role in educating the public and policymakers about the breadth and depth of reactionary influence globally.

The database sheds light on the tactics used by these networks, such as disinformation, political manipulation, and direct interference in democratic processes. It also explores their funding sources, which often include undisclosed financial streams from sympathetic donors, pointing to a complex web of financial support that sustains these activities.

Progressive International emphasizes that this database should serve as a resource for democratic institutions to formulate strategies to counteract the subversive tactics employed by these reactionary groups. The aim is to enhance the resilience of democracies worldwide by providing them with the necessary knowledge to anticipate and mitigate these threats.

PI encourages the public to contribute to the database, enhancing its scope and accuracy. This open invitation aims to foster a collaborative effort to continuously update and refine the information available, ensuring it remains a relevant and powerful tool in the fight against anti-democratic forces.

As democracies worldwide face increasing threats from coordinated right-wing movements, the Reactionary International database stands as a critical resource for exposing and understanding these challenges. Progressive International’s initiative provides not only a factual foundation for counteracting these threats but also a call to global citizens to engage actively in defending democratic values.

As PI states, “Together, we will not only name, shame, and expose the forces of the far right—but also dismantle their network of complicity.”


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